8-Day Yoga Retreat to India: Discover Your Inner Yogi Athlete in Enchanting Munnar - December 2017


If eating healthy, sleeping deep and training hard sounds like your heaven this is the retreat for you! 

  • Expect Cycling, Running, Martial arts and Yoga everyday and deep tissue Kalari Ayurvedic massage!
  • Stay at the very best and most beautifully designed eco-retreats: total comfort in the lap of nature.

Base Price: $1,628.00

Start Date: 12/13/2017

End Date: 12/20/2017


Detailed Description


  • -Travel by private air‐conditioned vehicle
  • -Group normally 6 to 10
  • -6 nights, beautiful boutique resorts, all rooms en suite
  • -1 night camping in the valley Kurangini, near the border with Tamil Nadu
  • -All breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks included


  • -Enjoy a rejuvenating and inspiring week of nourishing activities in stunning Kerala scenery.
  • -Camp in the mountains after a day’s trekking, all equipment provided.
  • -Experience an Ayurvedic Massage and swim in the waterfall nearby our resort (weather
  • permitting)
  • -Exquisite places to stay and incredible nutritious vegetarian food.
  • -A diverse and transformational daily yoga practice plus a variety of other ancient mind/body
  • techniques

Are you ready to meet your inner warrior? This trip in the rolling hills of Munnar is a chance to
retreat to your inner self, to face the warrior in you, and to traverse the terrains of your as yet
unknown abilities. We cycle up and down the mountains of Munnar from day one, rise early each
day for morning training, be it a run, martial arts or a dynamic yoga practice and trek the mighty
Western Ghats. You are guaranteed to return home with skills you never knew you had!

We have found some of the very best Kalari practitioners in South India, we see them perform, and they give us a taster session in this ancient Indian martial art, which is believed to have been the precursor to Kung Fu. So the preliminary sessions in traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi, will get you prepared!

Every activity in life is a teacher of some sort. By incorporating diverse tasks and exercises our
intention is to bring a practical learning experience that unlocks new levels of concentration,
emotional input, physical energy and will. The rejuvenating deep tissue Kalari Ayurvedic massage is the perfect relaxation you need to compliment this intense training. After all, a warrior needs some respite!! What’s more we stay in the very best and most beautifully designed eco-retreats,offering total comfort in the lap of the ancient Western Ghats. Join us in Munnar where the old and wise evergreen mountains meet the surreal fairytale tea plantations to bathe in the misty streams of waterfalls and valleys.



Day 1: Transfers from the airport are scheduled around the recommendations we have provided
below but the residences where we will be staying for the night are nearby so we can be flexible
depending on your arrival. There are two yoga sessions on this day at 11am and 4pm in the yoga space at the apartments (each person gets there own apartment),. There is an orientation meeting this evening where you will be given updated itineraries and information about the area. Like every day, delicious vegetarian and nutritionally balanced meals and snacks, teas and water will be served. You will also have plenty of time to yourself as the airport is a 10 minute drive from where you stay, which means more time to recuperate after your flight, ready for the adventures ahead!

Day 2: Start the day with a morning yoga session before breakfast. We depart for Munnar at 9am, pausing for a traditional Kerala lunch on the way at our favourite roadside restaurant (pristine, friendly and delicious) and arriving at the town centre no later than 2pm. Refreshed after a delicious Masala Chai, we set off on our mountain bikes for our first resort destination 15 km from Munnar Town. Cycle past idyllic plantation villages, picturesque streams and valleys. We arrive at our selected stunning resort for a refreshing juice and snack. We will introduce you to a simple Kung Fu workout before dinner at this unique family run boutique resort (formerly a cardamon plantation), amidst lush forest overlooking spectacular views of the Munnar mountains. This evening we are treated to a private performance of traditional Kerala songs with vocalist Vishnu K Das alongside flutists Dhruv Athreye and Varun Menon, whose classical Hindustani and Carnatic melodies will soothe our aching limbs and prepare us for the next day ahead.

Day 3: This morning we offer a guided early morning group meditation before a stimulating yoga
practice, followed by a nutritious breakfast. After some time, once we have digested our food, we
embark on our martial arts training in earnest! This session will build on some of the body weight
exercises we showed you the night before and give you a chance to experience real Kung Fu
training! We will have lunch and after some down time, we get back on our bikes and return to
Munnar Town to watch a Kalari show at the local auditorium. These Kalari artists are some of the
best we have seen and we also train with them on our last full day. A short drive back to our delightful top end resort for Ayurvedic massage, then dinner preceding a well deserved sleep.

Day 4: A dynamic yoga practice, introducing arm and leg balances, will set you up for a day in this expansive woodland resort. We will take you on a guided walk around the estate. Or by all means go ahead and find your way to the waterfall, climb a tree or simply read a book on your own private balcony. As well as the usual 3 delicious meals each day we also provide hot drinks, juices and snacks. In the afternoon Kung Fu practice continues in the hall developing your skills in the traditional Shaolin ‘forms’, plus try out some gentle sparring. Spend some time in your exquisite suite of rooms, dine in the restaurant and get an early night! We have an adventurous trek setting off first thing the next day to the border village of Kurangini!

Day 5: Starting the day with a restorative yoga practice at 6am, enjoy your last breakfast at this
special resort deep in the woods of the Munnar valley. A healthy packed-lunch will be provided to take with you before we set off for a short drive to the trek starting point. We trek for 6 hours down hill, past one local village deep inside the forest and stop to maybe pick fruit from the wild trees, including oranges, guavas, mangoes and even pomelo (depending on nature’s bounty). There is many sweeping views of the mountains on the descent that will literally take your breath away. At the campsite, where the tents will already be set up for us and a fire prepared, we can take showers and eat a wholesome dinner. Join in the songs by nightfall or crawl into your comfy tent for the evening and get some well deserved rest.

Day 6: Limber up in the morning with a solid Hatha Yoga practice leaving the campsite after
breakfast (once again equipped with a packed-lunch lovingly prepared by Ghandimati, a beautiful soul who lives in the village). We journey uphill taking an alternative and more challenging route through denser almost untouched forest and lush coffee plantations. Tonight’s Yoga Nidra is designed to give you a restorative yet refreshing sleep. We stay for the last two nights at an absolutely amazing resort inside a tea plantation, with views overlooking the steep inclines of the Western Ghats.

Day 7: Scale the rock at this tremendous estate resort, for morning Tai Chi practice overlooking a panoramic view of the tea fields below. Descend again for breakfast in the homely restaurant. After digesting a light yogurt and fruit breakfast (see recipe) we will run to Munnar town for Kalari training inside a traditional ‘pit’ specific to this martial art. Get a chance to handle the weapons and learn the ritual dance all Kalari fighters learn when they are initiated in this ancient technique for warfare and spiritual development. We drive back to the estate for lunch and enjoy the afternoon at your leisure. You can join us for a deep and meditative Sivananda Yoga practice in the late afternoon followed by a little time for us all to share our observations and experiences during this magical retreat in the wild and fairy-tale mountains of Munnar. Our last dinner together is a Kerala celebration!

Day 8: Our final morning yoga session will send you off certainly more stretchy, with reinforced
internal strength and a new zest for life! Our farewell breakfast in the gorgeous restaurant lodge at the resort will set you up for your transfer to Cochin International Airport and the journey home looking forward to your adventures yet to come!

What's Included


  • -All sessions flowing yoga classes, as well as sessions that focus on stillness, alignment and the breath, or deep meditation & yoga nidra; from two of the most passionate and knowledgeable teachers you'll find!
  • -3 nutritious and delicious meals a day 
  • -Day and evening activities include, martial arts and musical performances to cycling and martial arts training, trekking and yoga.
  • -Boutique accommodation, all with ensuite
  • -Airport transfers (40-minute drive) are included and arranged for you.
  • -One Ayurvedic treatment. 
  • -All meals, snack and drinks.


  • -Flights
  • -Personal items and gifts you may want to purchase

Accommodation Description

Our selection of accommodations feature innovative and luxurious eco-lodges, comfortable quality heritage buildings while overlooking stunning views of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Ocean. Each location is chosen with absolute care to suit each journey so that guests have their own personal space in characterful premises, but also, enjoy shared space too to give our groups of 6-10 people or (family/corporate groups - if booking a private retreat) the chance to spend time with each other. We stay at boutique resorts amidst coffee, tea and cardamon plantations or in premises celebrated for its beauty and sustainable design.


Akhil Gopi

Akhil's approach to yoga is holistic, open-hearted and deep. He has worked as an instructor/studio director at one of the biggest yoga chain's in the world, focusing on many modern more dynamic styles of yoga. However, his primary practice is meditative Hatha yoga and he remains committed to spreading traditional yogic knowledge and teachings.


Sara's background in personal training and martial arts, performance triathlon training and injury rehabilitation means she is equipped to support yoga practitioners at all levels in their development. A passionate body expert, she is also immersed in the practice of yoga on a spiritual level, and is committed to bringing this experience to others.