8-Day Indulgent Yoga and Wine Retreat in Georgia- October 2017


Location: Kakheti, Georgia (Europe)
Base Price: $1,790
Start Date: 10/20/17
End Date: 10/28/17


Ready to finally escape the daily routine? Reconnect with your soulmates and just go hide out for a week? Or you want to indulge yourself with spa treatments and a little bit of finest wines?

Yoga & Wine? You say WHY? We say WHY NOT?! 

This trip is a sensual experience combining mindfulness and fun. First, we practice yoga to enhance all our senses. As tastes are heightened, mouthfeel is intensified and fragrances deepened, then you can better taste the rich depths of Georgian wine. You will also learn the ancient and sacred traditions of wine making in Georgia.

This retreat program is hosted in Kakheti which is an excellent place for a wellness retreat because it boasts with colorful scenery, numerous spiritual sites, gracious people and wealth of adventure and cultural activities. Here you can learn how to knit a rug by yourself and get a healing bath in the holy spring of Bodbe. Sip a glass of Kakhetian organic wines while savoring the best of local cuisine. You are invited to various transformative experiences at this holistic haven which is nestled within lush, green scenery overlooking the Kvareli Lake. Kakheti wellness program will help you relax, shift your perspective and think deeply about yourself.

Program Description:

Every morning we start the day with the sunrise meditation to salute the magical universe we belong to. With fresh energy and focus, we move on practicing morning yoga sequences in breathtakingly beautiful scenery. As the day progresses, you learn how to make yoga an integral part of your holiday in Kakheti. Learn more how to stay mindful as you practice energy healing therapies, guided meditations, kundalini, nidra and kria yoga, art therapy and reiki. Complete your retreat with indulging yourself in signature spa treatments, enjoying the stress-relief massage and pampering in world famous Tbilisi Sulfar Baths. 

As we combine healing and traveling, we also let you explore Georgian culture by visiting historic landmarks and sampling local finest wines at a family-owned wine cellar. Adrenaline-fueled activity such as hiking in colorful Lagodekhi National Park is also available for your leisure and adventure. Enjoy delicious food 3 times a day made by locally harvested ingredients while overlooking gorgeous views of mountains and Kvareli Lake.

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, health kick, quiet meditation, little indulgent or holiday with free time and various activities thrown in, Kakheti retreat program will help you work towards your desired goals so you return home with a sense of inner peace and zen. So why wait? When now is the right time to embark on a new journey!

Price Includes:

-Free Airport Pick Up / Drop Off (Tbilisi International Airport )
-High Class Accommodation ( 1 night in Tbilisi, 6 nights at Kvareli Lake Resort)
-Tbilisi Old Town Guided Walking Tour
-1 Hour Spa Treatment at Tbilisi Sulphur Bath
-Welcome Dinner at Traditional Georgian Restaurant with Folk Music Program
-Consultation with Wellness Coach
-Consultation with Yoga Instructor
-Daily Guided Sunrise Meditations
-Daily Group Guided Asana Yoga Sessions (Hatha Yoga, Sukshma Vyayama Yoga)
-Daily Wellness Coaching Sessions (Manifestation, Affirmations, Positive Psychology, Emotional Transformation Workshops, Art Therapy)
-Daily Special Focus Yoga Session (Yoga Nidra, Pranic Healing)
-Bathing in Holy Spring of Bodbe
-Wine Tastings at Local Family Owned Wine Cellar
-Sightseeing in Sighnaghi - the city of love; Guided Walk in Bodbe

All activities are optional leaving plenty of time for independent adventure or leisure