7-day Thai Massage, Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Thailand- January 2018


Location: Thailand
Base Price: $1,100
Start Date: 1/14/18
End Date: 1/20/18

Detailed Description:

Modern society allows us to be constantly “connected” digitally, but there is a disconnect between our digital reality, our true self, and our immediate community. Through yogic practices and conscious activity, we are able to be in CONNECTION with self and our surroundings. By allowing ourselves time to listen and learn, one is able to foster healing and growth on countless levels. As the lotus springs from the mud, we too grow from a seed into beautiful and precious blossoms. This, however, takes time and intention. Set some time aside for growth, join us in nourishing our physical, mental, emotional, astral, and psychic bodies.

ReCONNECT on this empowering 8 rejuvenating day, 7 nourishing nights exploration into Self. Incorporation of conscious motion, Thai massage, reflexology, herbal steams, hot springs, time in nature and health coaching bring our intention to a focus on Self-care. This retreat will encourage RELAXATION on all levels. Each day we will greet the sun with a sunrise meditation, followed by tai chi and yoga flows. Our morning reflections allow us to tap into our INTENTION for the day. Workshops and classes will vary daily. Evenings will be for reflection and building community. Through the week we will broaden our foundation principles and bring inspiration to continue growth in your daily life.

You will develop a deeper connection with self through healing and self-care. to integrate these principles into your daily life Each day will be spent exploring the principles of Thai massage ... Thai healing
Evenings will be a time to connect and reflect through our practices ...restorative yoga and community