6-Day Yoga and Service Retreat in Greece with 109 World & Stephanie Birch, June 2017

6-Day Yoga and Service Retreat in Greece with 109 World & Stephanie Birch, June 2017


    Experience an unforgettable journey of yoga, service and connection on this 6-day retreat in Greece. This is a life-changing journey not only for you but for all the lives you will be able to improve. Travel with a group of change-makers to help refugees conduct a healthier life as well as acquire skills that they need to rebuild their lives.

    • Country: Greece
    • Base Price: $4,500.00
    • Start Date: 6/9/2017 (June)
    • End Date: 6/14/2017 (June)



    More than 60.000 people are stuck in Greece. They have escaped the war and misery in their countries and can’t continue further into Europe because the borders are closed. The need of physical and emotional healing is apparent within the refugee communities. But at the same time, these families are in critical need of a roof over their heads, basic sanitation facilities and classrooms that help provide children with a safe environment and education for months, years to come.

    With 109 World, you can fully grasp the occurring refugee crisis and understand what things to be done if you actually experience the connection with people behind the headlines, learn about their stories and see the situation they are in. Through joining this trip, you will be able to raise a considerable amount of funding for the operations of The Worldwide Tribe, in Greece and around Europe where the need is equally pressing. The community space where you will be active provides a safer space to learn and most importantly, for children to express themselves in these extremely challenging times.

    109 World offers different schedules for every day, but it will always be started with an empowering yoga class and you will enjoy all meals together. The schedule is a blend of yoga, cultural experiences to explore the country you are in, and hands-on work together with the refugees staying in the camp in Oinofyta, located 40 minutes away. Your days will be spent with The Worldwide Tribe and Armando Aid. This project works alongside refugees from Oinofyta to create a space for everyone where they can start to rebuild the community. Together with the refugee community of Oinofyta, you will engage in different activities that aim to give people on the run for their lives a purpose and a feeling of belonging.


    Example activities besides doing yoga, discover Greece and connect with other participants and community members: 

    • - Sorting donations: the non-profit organizations working on the ground receives a lot of in-kind donations which has to be sorted and distributed in a fair and timely way.
    • - Painting a mural: living in old warehouses and old tents does not inspire well-being, happiness or creativity, it is important to create a warm environment to ease the hardships even just a tiny bit.
    • - Helping with the garden: a garden provides both nutrition and a beautiful time passing activity for the residents of the camp.
    • - Putting up shade covers to prepare the camp / school for the summer: while winters are very cold, summers get extremely hot.
    • - Painting the classrooms: a joyful environment might not guarantee your safety but it will give you a more positive memory and state of mind.
    • - Teaching yoga to the volunteers and / or the residents of the camp: working and living in the camps is hard and physical treatments are scarce.

    What's Included

    • 5 nights’ accommodation
    • All material needed for your work at the camp
    • All other included program activities
    • Daily meals (mainly vegetarian)
    • Daily yoga practices
    • Grant donation of 20,000 USD to The Worldwide Tribe to support their operations in refugee camps in Greece

    Not Included:

    • Airfare 
    • Alcohol

    Accommodation Description

    This retreat will take place at the beautiful resort of Negroponte Hotel located in a town outside of Athens called Eretria, Greece. The hotel is set right by the coast, in the larger area of Eritrea. It is the perfect place to retreat after long days of intense experiences and emotions. You will share rooms with one more participant - please let us know in advance if this can't be done and we will try to accommodate you the best way we can.

    About Stephanie Birch

    She was a long-time athlete looking for a challenge in life. Today she holds space for others through breath in motion. She is a play-at-home mama, yoga teacher, life photographer, writer, artist, dark chocolate lover, and a life well-lived. Get to know her at @stepynow on Instagram.