5-Day Farm Animal Friendly Yoga Retreat in South Africa- November 2017


Location: South Africa
Base Price: $700.00
Start Date: 11/15/17
End Date: 11/19/17


This is more than a yoga retreat, we invite you to connect with the farm animals, to see the beauty of each individual animal and to dive deeper into raw and vegan food and discover more of yourself through yoga and spiritual practices. Our main goal is to help each other to open our hearts and to have greater compassion for ourselves and for other beings.

– Daily Ying & Yang yoga practice
– Daily raw vegan food
– Painting with Pigcasso
– Daily feeding and connecting with the animals
– Vegan cooking class
– Live music by the fire
– Meditation in chapel
– Raw food class
– Individual healing sessions

Aren’t we all looking to find ourselves, grow and connect with our soul? We invite you on a journey where you will find your unique inner voice and appreciate yourself more through raw vegan food and daily yoga.
We would like to inspire you to outgrow your limiting beliefs and to be truly you, so you can live life to the fullest and in harmony with yourself, mother earth and all beings.

We will deeply connect with the wisdom of the farm animals during their daily feeding. Playing with them getting to know them, including pigcasso, who is a truly talented painting pig.

Enjoy a week of fresh and vegan food

We are both raw vegan chefs and met where else – but in the kitchen. We both love to create, experiment with delicious healthy vegan food that nourishes the body, mind and soul. Our main-goal is to inspire you to listen to your intuition and to feel what your body needs. We love simple recipes, beautifully presented with incredible taste. In this retreat we will gather the best, freshest ingredients directly from our organic garden, you’ll enjoy raw and vegan food all freshly prepared for brunch in a colorful variety.
For dinner we will surprise with raw vegan dishes you didn’t even know existed and amaze you that raw vegan dinners can be so tasty.

Immerse yourself in an experience you’ll never forget!

Our approach is to help you connect with your intuition – the voice of your soul. When we follow the path of our soul, we are in harmony with life. We will help to guide you to that path through yoga, raw vegan food, connection with the farm animals, meditations, workshops, spiritual rituals and nature.
Join us for an unforgettable awakening and nurturing experience!