3-Day Amazing Amazon Yachana Yoga Retreat in Ecuador- December 2017


Location: Ecuador
Base Price: $382.00
Start Date: 12/3/17
End Date: 12/5/17


We offer: Mental and physical detoxication workshop

*Bilingual specialized and qualified instructors
*Daily Practices and Conferences
*First class EcoLodge
*Facilities and unforgettable atmosphere
*Vegetarian food including liquids
*Bilingual guided visits and excursions
*Ground Transportation Quito – Yachana - Quito
*Ozonized water and WiFi, unlimited
*Taxes included

Yachana Lodge is unique from any other lodge in the area primarily due to its focus on working with the people from the region. Our 2,500 acre reserve offers incredible birding. By visiting Yachana, you will be “giving back” to the communities and rainforest. We hope you will seriously consider Yachana Lodge for your rainforest yoga experience.