24- Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Greece- June 2018


Country: Greece
Base Price: $4,923.45
Start Date: 6/1/18
End Date: 6/24/18
Max Participants: 20


Residential 200 Hour Teacher Training in Greece
Journey to a small family run hotel by the sea. When you arrive you will meet strangers who are soon to have a place in your heart for forever. Classmates and teachers who will inspire you and challenge you in this new environment where anything is possible. Your days on this island will be spent exploring beaches and ruins, ancient landscapes and charming sea side towns. But mostly, you will explore yourself through the lens of Yoga. Yoga Teacher Training in Greece will expose you to new movements and possibilities in your practice and in your life. You will make this unfamiliar knowledge your own. When you leave this place, you will never be the same again. This 200 hour training will prepare you to become a Yoga professional. Our venue is the Irides Hotel Apartments on the beautiful island of Aegina. The property sits right on the beach and has stunning Saronic Gulf views. Aegina is an easy trip from Athens which is just across the Gulf.

Training curriculum is separated into 5 modules: Poetic Cueing and Historical Context, Anatomy, Theming and Sequencing, Subtle Anatomy and Application and Embodiment. Lead instructor Mandy Ryle is a leader of trainings and retreats worldwide as well as the owner of Sound Method Yoga in Omaha, NE.

Price includes Training tuition, room, board and local transfers. Your total price will be based on your rooming preference and your early registration status.