22-Day 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training With Holistic Equine Yoga in Costa Rica - July 2017


Surrounded by the giant trees and noble spirit of the horses begin your path as a Yoga teacher during this unique YTT given on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Rediscover your passion and true authentic self amidst beauty and nature.

  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Base Price: $3,400.00
  • Start Date: July 1, 2017 
  • End Date: July 23, 2017 
  • Number of Days: 22
  • Max Participants: 12


Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the jungle and the wisdom of the giant tropical trees. Cleanse your body, mind & spirit in the warm Caribbean waters and feel the warm white sand upon your skin.

During this YTT experience discover stillness and peace, as you meditate to the sounds of howler monkeys over head and the chatter of parrots in the leaves. Feel the power of the 5 elements tropical jungle, sun, sea, tropical air, and the rich tropical earth; Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Metal balancing your aura and chakras.

Begin your journey as a Yoga teacher.
This 200 RYT Hatha Yoga certification is on anatomy and living your yoga. You are coached by experienced, internationally renowned teachers, Irum Naqvi and Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Giving you the opportunity to learn the techniques and methodology for guiding yoga practice with awareness of how to live the Yoga philosophy. 

Through this training you will engage in a physical practice and thought provoking discussions, receive the light to explore your inner being; discovering your true self as you bring your awareness to your layers of conditionings and the Samskaras. The transformation will leave you energized, confident and ready to follow your inner calling.

Students will learn to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, and Shivananda Yoga styles deepening their own understanding of Yoga and enhancing their professional yoga teaching careers. 

Unique to our course we limit enrollment to a maximum of 6 or 12 students per training. This way we can offer more individual support and practical training to each student. Our teachers and our homey venues lend to a more intimate experience for our students.

The course includes daily pranayama, mantra chanting and asana practice to help each student enrich their own practice. Lectures and practicums on Yoga philosophy, ethics, anatomy, and physiology, teaching methods will be covered in this course.


Irum has been practicing Yoga for 25 years. Influenced by Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kripalu, Anusara, Sivananda and all aspects of Hatha yoga, she focuses her practice on meditation and breath awareness, guiding students into their deeper physical and emotional space. 
Irum's quest to understand life’s purpose led her to yoga and reiki. With more than 4,000 hours of personal practice and close to 1,500 hours of teaching, Irum has organized yoga retreats, compiled a 100 page yoga training manual, and trained yoga teachers. She has taught in Canada, Costa Rica, the United States, Austria, Belgium, Israel, and Egypt. 
Her philosophy, the deeper we go, the lighter we become.
Successful graduates will receive a diploma and are eligible to register with YA as 200-RYT. Students enrolled in the “Yoga with Horses program” will receive the same diploma in addition to a certificate from Yoga in Harmony with Horses: Holistic Equine Yoga Certification.

Following the YTT we will be offering an optional Holistic Equine Yoga Certification program of 1 week long. This is the only Equine Yoga Certification of its kind, to be found.


100 hours certification course presented in three modules, offered by Terry Lillian Newton, developer, manager, and owner of Kindred Spirits, a holistic equine healing facility in Costa Rica and Corinne Rosita Aulakh, E-500-RYT with Yoga with a View.
For more information about our program, please visit our page http://www.kindredspiritscr.com/retreats-treks-clinics/holistic-equine-yoga-certification


  • 6:30am Morning asana & meditation
  • 9am breakfast
  • 10am Yoga class
  • 12:30 lunch
  • 2pm Yoga class
  • 4pm personal practice
  • 5pm review, studies & meditation
  • 6:30 dinner

YTT Program

Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle

* The Yoga Sutras
* Meditation
* study of pranayama
* study of energy systems
* study of chakras
* study of bodies
* understanding the 8 limbs of Yoga passed down in the lineage of Sri Patanjali
* living with Yamas and Niymas and how they connect with the Chakras and energy bodies
* learn how to teach surya namaskar & 35 asanas
* sequence & design a session
* teach a 60 minute class
* science of motion
* relationship of muscles to asanas
* body & mind prana relationship
* effects of structural and energetic alignment to overall well being
* spine and energetic alignment
* modifications for common injuries
* learn correct anatomical and energetic focus for the safety of each asana
* students learn to design and deliver their own session
feedback by lead trainer and assistant trainer


  • Includes all meals , teas & water (except on Sundays, free day to visit the local area)
  • All meals are fresh organic and vegetarian. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Breakfast baskets are given for your lodgings to prepare in your kitchen and enjoy on your private terrace. Lunches & dinners are served on the open air terrace at Kindred Spirits lodge.
  • Includes all yoga mats & props for use during courses, horses during classes.
  • * For those living in the area and wish to only attend the course with breakfast and lunch, we offer different rates, please contact us for more information.
  • Meditation experience with the horses
  • Walks on the nature paths
  • Living in a community Well Being Center where focus is on love of nature, animals, yoga, meditation, horses and organic living and farming and creating a permaculture farm.


  1. Lodge at our small Caribbean houses located at Kindred Spirits. 2 bedroom houses with sharing bathroom, kitchen and open air terraces over-looking the jungle. Each bedroom has 2 single bunk beds for 2 people. $3400 per person (private room with double bed $500 supplement)
  2. Lodge at the Villas Lomas del Caribe, private 2 bedroom bungalows, private bathrooms, kitchen, indoor living area, a/c, t/v, wi-fi and private swimming pool. $4200 per person ( 2-4 people ) 15 minute meditation jungle walk to Kindred Spirits.
  3. $2495 for Equine Yoga Program Certification with extra 7 days. Lodging at Kindred Spirits. 
  4. For lodging at Villas Lomas del Caribe $250 supplement or private house $500 supplement.

About Kindred Spirits Holistic Well Being Center

Kindred Spirits was born from a love and passion for horses, nature and all life on Planet Earth. To inspire true connection and harmony.

Integrating nature, yoga and horses heals the body, mind & spirit. Meditating with our herd of horses at liberty brings peace to the soul. These noble Beings have much to offer with their inner wisdom and gift for living in the moment. Their deep intuition and connection to all living things, guides us to a deeper self realization and also worldly understanding of life.

From a desire to help and guide people to heal themselves and rediscover their passion for life, Kindred Spirits was created. A place where kindred spirits come together to share, to learn, to teach and bring peace, balance and harmony into their lives as well as others.

Yoga, Healing and Meditation retreats together with the power of the Healing Herd of Horses are given throughout the year.



Irum Naqvi

Irum Naqvi is a yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance. Her philosophy is, the deeper we go, the lighter we become. Practicing yoga for 25 years. Influenced by Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kripalu, Anusara, Sivananda, Hatha yoga, she focuses her practice on meditation and breath awareness.


Terry Newton

Yoga teacher, horse trainer and energy healer Terry brings this together with horses and their unique spirit.