Stuff We Love: Onzie Spring 2014 Collection

The Yoga Travel Tree team was lucky enough to have been asked to take the new Onzie Spring 2014 product line for a test-drive! Onzie products are specifically designed to take the heat of hot yoga, versatile enough to transition to spin class, and stylish enough to wear out on the town. The 2014 Spring Line introduces more color, more unique designs and better functionality to live up to your life.

At YTT, we like to keep it real. We’re not yogis who sugar coat our feedback, so what you read is what you can expect from these Onzie goodies!


Our Reviewers:

Sarah Monk 

Sarah monk yogatraveltree

Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, crossfit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer.


Ashley Houston

Ashley houston yogatraveltree

Ashley’s Activities: Lover of heated yoga, running, and adventure sports. Ashley’s MO is an explosion of color and fun when heading to the gym or studio to tear it up. Read more about her style here.

Sarah Reviews


Racer Bra Top:

racerbra top onzie yogatraveltree

First Impression: Adorable! I got the polka-dot print, and it’s the most fun bra I’ve ever had. The fabric is really light, and super wicking, which is always a plus.

Fit: Pretty solid. I’m on the smaller side of small, and this is sized as small/medium so it’s not quite as firm as some of my other bras. The neck has a slight V cut, and the racer back is much more narrow than other bras which gives it even more feminine charm. Coverage is good!

Performance: While this bra is fantastically cute, fits well and, again, is adorable, I’ll probably reserve it for low to zero-impact activities. While I’m not exactly well-endowed, I prefer the girls to be a little more strapped down when I run or do crossfit. This is likely to become my new favorite yoga bra.

Score: 4 out of 5


Spin Capri:

spincapri onzie yogatraveltree

First Impression: School-girl giddiness.

Fit: Like a glove! These puppies stay put, and streamline all the right places. The waist isn’t too high, or too tight, and the length of the capri is right where I like it, about 5” below the knee. They have a wicking mesh-like fabric on the backs of the knees which is perfect for spinning class or running.

Performance: Amazeballs! These pants can take a beating. They dry incredibly quickly, stretch with movement, don’t slide around or bunch, and the seams are good, strong solid quality guaranteed not to loosen with wear.

Score: 5 out of 5


Braid Tank Top:

braidback tank onzie yogatraveltree

First Impression: Thank god it’s long! (I’m 5’8” and this is usually an issue) and holy cow, it’s really light!

Fit: Great! It is long enough to cover my whole torso and then some. It’s cut is tight in the right places, looser toward the hips to allow for some give, and flattery. The braid in the back is a nice, girly touch, and when worn with the polka-dot racer bra top, it’s just the cutest thing ever. This top does have a build in bra feature, but as I mentioned before, I like to keep the girls pretty secure so I need some extra support.

Performance: Holy wicking tanktop, Batman. This thing stays basically dry, even when my face is dripping sweat. There’s one drawback I feel like I need to mention: The slick fabric of the top, over the slick spin capri can lead to riding up, and some bunching at the waste. Over running shorts or cotton-ish yoga pants this was no issue.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Ashley’s Reviews:


Elastic Bra Top:

elastic bra top onzie yoga yogatraveltree

First Impression: What a beautiful color combo-I love the electric look with the black/orange/pink combo. The back view is also to die for! I have this same bra in a different pattern from a year ago and it has been my go to for wearing with anything backless or cutout. This pattern is by far my favorite. Seeing it in real life makes me want to order the matching leggings stat!

Fit: Tight and secure, but definitely not a top for large-chested women as there is little to no support. Coverage in the front is great though! It is much more a style piece than anything-the cut is superb for my body!

Performance: I like the amount of moisture it wicks in a heated environment. Also it allows for breathability with an open back that keeps it from rubbing with a tank or building bacteria. For me, it’s a fun piece for pre and post class too! I wear it out and about all the time.

Score: 5 out of 5


Long Legging:

long legging onzie yoga yogatraveltree

First Impression: Obsessed with the pattern again! The colors are brilliant and pair amazing with so much for Spring. It’s like a cherry blossom explosion with some cool colors to balance it out.

Fit: The length and tightness were great! I like that it didn’t cut into my belly and give me rolls.

Performance: When moving during yoga class they kept riding down farther than I would like in the back (I’m not a fan of revealing my bum-or thong)! I would have loved if they came up an inch or so higher around the band. I love a thick high rise band for a pant like this, as the stretchy material can easily ride down in any vinyasa or flow-based practice.

Score: 4.5 out of 5


Elastic Back Tank:

elastic tank top yoga onzie yogatraveltree

First Impression: I picked the white/turquoise color because it really popped! The material was a bit more thin and sheer than I anticipated for this specific piece.

Fit: A little too loosey-goosey for my liking. It seemed to cling to me in all the wrong areas, and it being very sheer white didn’t help. The cut of front didn’t work very well with my body shape or the bras that I have. The open back is something I really like though, so having room extra movement and breathability there was really nice. Plus it’s pretty darn cute looking from behind (gotta show off the carved back if you have it)!

Performance: Not a great choice for any yoga class with inversions as it flies right up and over my head. It would be perfect for a heated Restorative or Yin yoga class... or to wear over a swimsuit on a hot day? I think that’ll be my go to

Score: 3.5 out of 5


Pura Vida Tank:  

pura vida tank onzie yoga yogatraveltree

First Impression: Wow this looks tiny! The orange/blue/black print looked really nice online on the model, but without a good tan it really washed me out. The fabric was super lightweight and I like seamless aspect of it

Fit: Very cool design and fit. I wish it would have come down an inch or so more in the front. I have a long torso (and lack flat abs) so the part of my stomach you see is not so flattering. The width of the straps was nice to have though, and I LOVED the look and openness of the back when it came to movement during class.

Performance: Got a bit too clingy with sweat, but did wick a decent amount. I would most likely save this piece for a heated class, or to throw on over a bra post practice. It’s also a fun piece to pair with jean shorts for the summer!

Score: 3.5 out of 5

There you have it fellow yogis; shop on with confidence that the Onzie products you fall in love with, we love too! To keep up with all of their latest product releases, news, and fun stuff, visit the Onzie official FacebookPinterest and Instagram pages!

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