7 Completely Superficial Reasons Every Dude Should Do Yoga

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I could write for hours about the spiritual and mental benefits that men can experience from a regular yoga practice… but what about the completely superficial, physical reasons? Let’s touch on some of the shallow reasons why every guy should jump on the yoga-bandwagon.

1. Meet Hot Chicks

Let’s get the obvious reason out of the way first. The majority of yogis in the Western world possess two X chromosomes. Men are the minority, making them coveted by the female yogi! You will be surrounded by fit, healthy, radiant women in yoga pants. There’s no better place to start looking for someone to date than your local yoga studio for that reason; plus, you will possess higher value being a yogi than your male counterparts. You’re sure to meet someone that prioritizes looking and feeling good, and incorporates healthy habits into their life. At the core of a healthy relationship are two blissful partners – each fulfilled in their own life as they join together to create a happy union. Forget the age-old technique of finding “love” in the bar (where unhealthy habits are created and maintained) and jump into the present where singles everywhere are meeting their dream partner (or fling) at the gym or studio.

2. Have Better Sex

Yoga has many benefits that translate to better sex in the bedroom. You will: increase stamina, increase blood flow and circulation (stronger heart), have more focus, learn to control your breath, learn to control your body, circulate energy throughout the body, gain skills to stay calm and clearheaded, and feel better overall. All of these advantages contribute to a more controlled, present, and effective performance in the bedroom.

3. Flexibility is Just as Important as Strength for Sports Performance

Many people don’t understand why flexibility is important (growing up as an athlete, I never understood the benefits of being flexible or even had a concept that it was important for sports performance!). It was all about being stronger and faster. Ever seen a football player jump and reach up to catch a pass? Many times they have to arch their backs and reach high for the ball. The balance between strength and flexibility makes that agile movement and dexterity in the upper back possible for these pro football players and many other kinds of athletes. For soccer players, yoga helps to open up the hips and hamstrings to prevent knee injuries. For MMA fighters, yoga helps open and strengthen the body to achieve chokes and holds more readily. The athletic benefits of yoga go on and on, as yoga is the perfect compliment for just about every sport.

4. Get That Yoga Butt

Guys – you aren’t the only ones that like nice butts. Women appreciate a strong, toned booty as well. In addition to toning up your backside, a consistent yoga practice will help you fight belly fat and battle other problem areas.

 5. Every Yogini is Searching for an AcroYoga Partner

The AcroYoga world is exploding rapidly, and more and more yogis are experimenting with their bodies and their buddies. Every present and future single AcroYogini’s dream is to meet and date an able-bodied and skilled AcroYogi to practice her craft with. Do yourself a favor by getting ahead of the rush to get in shape for these AcroYoginis by maintaining a consistent yoga practice. Once you connect with your dream AcroYogini, you’ll be ready to impress her with your skills by flying her around with ease.

6. Taking Care of Yourself is Sexy

A man that takes care of himself is a huge turn-on for women. It shows that you care about yourself and how you feel, so you can show up more effectively in life. There’s nothing worse than a man who sits around all weekend watching others play sports on television, fattening himself up with unhealthy foods and beer. Alternatively, when we see a man in yoga class, here are some things we automatically assume: a) he is taking an active role in his health and happiness, b) he is sensitive to his needs and the needs of others, c) he will continue this healthy habit into the future, and d) he’s open-minded to things society might tell him not to be. Whether it’s true or not, you have all around A pluses in our mind before you even utter a word.

 7. Learn to Love Yourself Before Loving Others

Last but definitely not least, yoga gives you a better love life. You learn to love and nurture yourself, which is crucial in a relationship. We can’t show up expecting the other to fulfill our needs. That behavior leads to disappoint and heartbreak. When we learn to take care of and love ourselves, we can show up for others and reciprocate that energy to the relationship, versus placing unrealistic demands or strain on the union. We are pleasant to be around, and learn not to sweat the small stuff. Yoga helps us to open our eyes and have gratitude for the many things we have, versus constantly wanting what others have. It helps us find contentment and peace. Once we acquire these attributes and have love and compassion for our Self, we can truly love another being.


Guys – what are your superficial reasons for doing yoga? Comment below!


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