Behind the Yoga: An Interview with the Founders of Life Source Retreats

We love Life Source Retreats. And we're pretty darn picky. They're yoga retreats have a twist. While they're all hosted by a retreat center in Tulum, Mexico, each retreat has an element that makes it a unique experience, something to write home about.

Our favorite upcoming retreats are the Power Light Retreat, and a Journey to the Heart.

The Power Light Retreat is a combination yoga, detox and bootcamp retreat, where you can simultaneously cleanse your mind AND body through various workshops and fitness classes. A Journey to the Heart is a more spiritual adventure, with meditation and workshops to help you dig deeper into your soul.

PLUS their location is BOMB. Situated on the coast of Mexico in the ancient city of Tulum, you'll have plenty of opportunity for beach-fun, and historical insights into the Mayan culture.

Life Source Retreats was created and co-owned by David Graziano and Michele Clark. Read on for a behind the yoga peek at what makes Life Source Retreats tick.



1. How did you get started doing yoga?

(Michele) I was actually at a Wayne Dyer Retreat in Maui and he was doing Bikram every day and looked great... I decided to join him (not knowing it was 90 min and 120 degrees) but I loved it so much I couldn't stop!

2. What is Life Source Retreats and how did you get started?

(Michele) Life Source Retreats are all-inclusive, luxury destination retreats that assist in fostering mind, body, spirit health and wellness.  They have started on the sacred sands of Tulum Mexico but will eventually travel the world.  We started them because we both wanted to create spaces where anyone could gather - no matter where on their spiritual life path they are, from from all over the world.  People come to learn, grow, lose weight, get strong, deepen their yoga, evolve, explore and relax but what they don't usually anticipate getting, is a beautiful connection with other like minded people people and an glimmer of a personal balance, inner peace and self care... that they can take home with them and continue to experience and enjoy long after their sun tan fades.  Life Source Retreats are vacations with a purpose.. and just about every person who leaves says "this changed my life".  And truly THAT is why we do what we do.

3. What's your #1 favorite thing about your retreats?

(Michele) The unexpected transformation we wee  in everyone.

4. Of all the places you've traveled for work and fun, what's been your favorite and why?

(Michele) That's a tough one for me ... Tulum is MAGICAL and like no place on earth.  it's got the whitest sand beaches and torquoice waters I've ever seen.  For other reasons though, I also love Cape Town South Africa, New Zealand and Florence Italy!

5. What's your advice for anyone who thinks that going on a yoga retreat isn't an option for them?

(Michele) We have so many people who come who have never even tried "Yoga" (as well as advanced Yogi's). I would say OUR Yoga Retreat is for anyone who wants to show up and not have to think about anything once you arrive.  we have the best places, times, Shaman, experiences, food, prooperty, beach etc etc you can imagine.  Unless you want to be completely alone and do all the work that's required to really find the best of the best ... just show up and we'll take care of you.

6. Where do you think the yoga industry is headed?

(Michele) It's one of the biggest booming industries in the world.  David has more stats that I do.  I just know all of my friends are talking about it!

7. What's your advice for anyone out there eager to lead their own retreat or become a yoga entrepreneur?

(Michele) We have created an incredible opportunity for people to do this - that's never been done before and isn't so scary.  no deposits required... reach out to us and we'll explain.  if you have the vision & determination, we can make it a reality.

8. If you were a yoga pose, what yoga pose would you be?

(Michele) Warrior 1


For more information on Life Source Retreats, please visit their website!

Stuff We Love: Yoga Clothes for Guys



Yoga is getting hotter by the minute.  With a 29% increase in participants from 2008 to 2012 and $27 Billion spent on yoga products annually, many yoga teachers around the world think this is only the beginning of the “yoga boom."  A practice that’s been steadily growing in the U.S., the myth that “yoga is for women” is quickly dying out.  More and more professional athletes, sports teams, and all around fitness junkies are giving yoga a try and falling madly in love with it’s benefits.  Due to this growing number of yogis (I’m talking about you guys), there are a few companies to keep an eye out for as they are truly changing the game in mens yoga attire.  Say goodbye to those old swim trunks, basketball shorts, and running T’s.  Say hello to a few next-level companies aiming to bring yoga clothes for guys into the limelight:

1.  Easton-West

Founded in L.A. by the rockstar yogi, hair stylist and entrepreneur Sean Phelps, this company was born as a result of Sean’s journey to finding the perfect pair of shorts.  These “dream” shorts would be the perfect cut, eliminate chaffing, and would be extremely comfortable.  He wanted a pair of shorts you could wear to yoga, during yoga, and after yoga.  Shorts you could live your every day life in.  When the search yielded zero results, Sean took matters into his own hand and launched Easton-West apparel (link website to title words).  Sean was kind enough to let us at YTT interview him and what his new clothing line is all about-take a look below

Yoga Travel Tree:  On your website you have a video talking about how you pick the fabrics out yourself.  Where do you find such beautiful and unique designs?

Sean Phelps:  Everything comes from the Downtown LA Fashion District…I use recycled fabric so we’re not contributing to more waste.  Companies throw out a lot of “scrap” material, so I go through and find fabric that fits the needs of what I’m looking for in a pair of shorts.  Then we make a few pairs, test them out, wash them, check for shrinking/wear and tear.  Once it passes, we typically run about 20 pairs of pants or shorts per fabric until it sells out.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  We pride ourselves on selling limited batches of clothing in order to keep the line fresh and different.

YTT:  Whats your process from start to finish when creating a pair of Easton West pants or shorts?

SP:  It’s long!  First we find the fabric.  Then I cut a piece.  I wash it, dry it, make sure it doesn’t shrink or stretch out too much.  Then I make a sample pair, wear it, make sure it doesn’t fall apart.  There’s a big learning curve.  When we first started, we ran into all kinds of issues…The lengths would all end up being the same for all sizes, so shorts were getting wider, not longer as you went up in size…One of my favorite parts of the pants and shorts are the spandex liner…Super soft and stretchy and designed for maximum comfort.

YTT:  Do you plan on releasing any sort of T’s or Hoodies in the future?

SP:  Yeah.  For sure, it’d be stupid not to!

YTT:  What are your plans for the future of Easton West?

SP:  Right now we are starting to merge with local yoga studios, which means slightly increasing the number of clothing we put out in each run.  We’re also planning on doing a style of swim trunks, something super stretchy with zippers thats made to go literally anywhere.

Check out the website for more.

2.  Pure Balance

Pure Balance clothing, founded by Portland-based yogi Patrick Beach, was created to build clothing for the active lifestyle movement.  With an emphasis on minimalist sleek designs, this clothing was created in order to allow anyone to build a style unique to their needs.  The clothing is made with an exclusive “PureMotion” fabric, engineered in the USA for an ultimate movement experience.  The goal of Pure Balance?  To bring a sense of confidence and awareness to all who wear the clothing.

Check out the website for more.

3.  Lululemon Mens

I know, I know.  The company constantly ridiculed for overpriced pants, that whole “see-through” pants episode, and the fact that they are practically monopolizing the yoga clothing industry made it to this list…However, I do need to say that aside from these instances, Lululemon IS trying their best to put out cool, attractive, and well-made apparel for men.  They are even going as far as opening up their own stores solely for guys.  I’ve had the chance to try some of the clothing Lululemon offers for men, and I must say although they seem a bit “overpriced”, the design and comfort is well worth the ticket.

Tops:  The 5-Year Basic V is one of their more affordable offerings.  I wear this shirt constantly, both on and off the mat and I must say it’s probably the most comfortable shirt I own.  What makes this purchase worth it is the fact it’s made to last 5 years.  It’s light, comfy, absorbs sweat, and looks plain great.  These are made in a few different colors that change with the seasons, so pick up a few and be prepared to never buy another shirt for the next few years.

Bottoms:  The On The Mat Pant is one of the slickest pair of pants I’ve owned.  Perfect for practicing in, these also look great on the street, and again are made to last a while.  It’s a toss up whenever you're debating dropping a $100 on a pair of pants, but realize this:  These pants will last a long, long time.  They're perfect for traveling, as they’re very light and are made of a material that won’t distort no matter how many down dogs you drop into on the mat.

4.  H and M

If you’re looking for yoga clothing on a budget that still fit the bill for being stylish, unique, and edgy, look no further.  H and M has recently opened up it’s online shopping experience for North America, and has a wealth of options that will allow you to rock your asana off both on and off the mat.

Tops:  Take this basic tank for example.  You can’t go wrong dropping 20 bucks for three of these 100% cotton tanks that allow you to practice in comfort on the mat, on a stroll on the beach, or when relaxing with friends.  They come in a variety of colors, perfect for grabbing multiple pairs to incorporate in your wardrobe.

Bottoms:  One look at these pants and you’ll notice they’re already styled similar to the open thigh, tapered leg silhouette similar to what you might find with a more expensive brand.  The fast drying, breathable and functional fabric has an elastic drawstring waste band perfect for keeping you comfortable in those inversions and arm balances.  These pants feature a mesh key pocket, side pockets and back pocket so you’re good to rock these before or after class.

Guys, the future is bright for mens yoga gear.  Keep an eye out as more and more well known companies begin the journey in producing top of the line yoga apparel that will keep you stylish, comfortable and inspired to go beyond your perceived limitations.



Feature Image Credit:  Nicholas A. Tonelli

Namastadium 2015

  What happens when you have hundreds of eager yogis, yearning for the opportunity to practice together in one ginormous sweaty array?  You put them in a stadium.  On Saturday, June 6th, yogis and yoginis from all over Western New York filled Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, and flowed in support of raising money for the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.  Six teachers and 24 assistants led the class, all hailing from in or around Buffalo.  Last week I had the opportunity to speak with one of the brains behind the operation, Steven Procknal.  Based in Buffalo, Steve is a Baptiste-certified instructor who teaches everything from free outdoor classes in the heart of Buffalo’s Elmwood village, as well as Vinyasa Flow at Power Yoga Buffalo.

Yoga Travel Tree:  Congrats on Namastadium!  It sounded like an absolutely epic event with a huge turnout!  What was the timeline like for putting something like this together?

Steven Procknal:  The local Lululemon handled a lot of the events planning.  We paired up with Children’s Hospital, which is highly connected to the Bills.  This gave the event some pull, allowing the stadium fee of $25,000 to be waved.  It took about seven months to put together.

YTT:  How did you promote the event?

SP:  Promoting worked by the store [Lululemon], Facebook, and having 24 assistants and 6 teachers for the class.  That’s a lot of people you can reach.

YTT:  Would you ever do it again?

SP:  I would definitely do it again.  You need a team, dedication, and hard work as well as a little luck!  It went really well.

Registration for the event was $30, which included a goody bag and snack.  The teachers included Marina Mukandala, Catherine Cook-Cottone, Steve Procknal, Kathleen Engelhardt, Patrick Moltane, and Joann Wu. Buffalo isn’t the only city embracing the power of Yoga.  On May 17th, Dodger Stadium hosted a group class that included a ticket to a game and voucher for a free Dodger Yoga mat.  Not a bad deal!  Stay up to date on Yoga News with a new article each month featuring all that’s going on around the Yoga world!



Image Credit:  Chris Yunker

Introducing Rachel, Yoga Travel Tree's Partnership Wizard!


Rachel Rannow

Social Media Account of Choice:


Your Home base:

Cairns, Australia

Where does your yoga story begin?

In the tiny mining town in Northern Minnesota where I grew up, I was introduced to the world of yoga in my very own living room. The 1989 Sport's Illustrated Super Shape-Up program included Elle Macpherson's Stretch and Strengthen cassette tape, and it was my favorite in the three-part series!

What got you hooked?

I dabbled off and on for years, until really coming into my practice through Hot Yoga. It was through doing the same series over and over and over again that I realized yoga is a journey that will never end. I can come to my mat again and again and every time it will be different. There will always be something to learn, always some way to grow. Once I came to understand yoga is effort and intention rather than chasing some ideal or perfection, I knew I had found my home.

Tell us one weird/interesting fact about yourself:

I find picking a "favorites" a nearly impossible task. Color? Food? Movie? Song? I can talk myself into and out of my choices so quickly that really, it's just better not to go there. The inevitable conclusion of "but I like so many of them so much!" tends to make it a frustrating venture for all involved.

What do you love the most about traveling?

For me, traveling is very much about uncovering a place unknown. As I learn about a new place, an environment, and it's people, it sometimes (a lot of the time, actually) leads me to an internal discovery - through travel, I'm able to excavate aspects of myself I didn't know I had. Through new places and experiences, travel has always been an opportunity for me to learn and grow.

Where would you most love to travel and why?

Through time and space. I could have all the answers to burning historical questions and future projections - who shot JFK? How where the pyramids built? What does the future of our planet and species look like? And will Twinkies outlast everything else?

If you were stuck on an island with only one thing, what would it be?

The most badass multi-tool available. With a multi-tool, I could plan a daring escape by building a boat if the island isn't awesome or set up shop if it is. I'm convinced that with the right combination of knives, saws, scissors, tweezers, picks, files, pliers and bottle openers that multi-tools offer, I'd be covered either way I want to go!

What’s your number one piece of advice for someone just getting into yoga?

Keep going! Even if it feels like you're not getting it, keep going. Even if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing, keep going. Even if you don't want to keep going, keep going. Remember that there is no right or wrong, your yoga journey is unique to you. Yoga takes on as many forms as people: online communities and videos, gym or studio classes and courses, even employers and community centers are starting to offer yoga. With an endless combination of styles and teachers out there, you'll find something that resonates with you. There is a place for you in the yoga world - keep going until you find it.

Introducing Christian, Yoga Travel Tree's Content Guru

We at Yoga Travel Tree are so excited to be expanding our team, and we're even more stoked about the amazing yogis who've joined our cause! SO stoked, in fact, that we want you to get to know them a little better too, because they're worth knowing. Read on for a mini interview with Christian Robinson, our new content manager, and go check out his Instagram page to follow his personal yoga journey!


Christian Robinson

Social Media Account of Choice:

Instagram: @rockoutyoga

Your Home base:

Buffalo, NY

Where does your yoga story begin?

College after my 21st Birthday.  No more partying.  More Yoga.

What got you hooked?

My first savasana.

Tell us one weird/interesting fact about yourself:

I'm in several bands and love jazz music.

What do you love the most about traveling?

The unexpected surprises you find.  (Love to wander cities)

Where would you most love to travel and why?

Throughout Europe.  There is so much history (in relation to the US)

If you were stuck on an island with only one thing, what would it be?

A good friend.

What’s your number one piece of advice for someone just getting into yoga?

Don’t take yourself so seriously.


Learn more about Christian's awesomeness by on our About Page!


Introducing Danielle, Yoga Travel Tree's Outreach Lead Extraordinaire!

We at Yoga Travel Tree are so excited to be expanding our team, and we're even more stoked about the amazing yogis who've joined our cause! SO stoked, in fact, that we want you to get to know them a little better too, because they're worth knowing. Read on for a mini interview with Danielle Crowe, our new Outreach Leader, and go check out her social media pages to follow her personal yoga journey!


Danielle Crowe

Social Media Account of Choice: 

Instagram: @crowedanielle

Your Home base:

Nova Scotia, Canada

Where does your yoga story begin?

When I was 18 (about six years ago) and suffering from body image issues and anxiety, I started practicing yoga and it helped me exponentially. I haven't looked back since! 

What got you hooked?

The mind-body awareness and the way you feel afterwards... Savasana - need I say more! I also love that there are so many different yoga styles to practice and they all give you an amazing feeling.

Tell us one weird/interesting fact about yourself:

I used to work as a horse-trainer on the opposite side of the country.

What do you love the most about traveling?

The sense of freedom and adventure. I love learning about different cultures and I love how it helps you learn about yourself in the process.

Where would you most love to travel and why?

Norway - it's where my great-grandmother immigrated from.

If you were stuck on an island with only one thing, what would it be?


What’s your number one piece of advice for someone just getting into yoga?

Don't worry about what others are doing; make each practice your own and relish in how your body feels and always be aware of what your body is telling you (when it says "um, not today," respect that!).

Learn more about Danielle's awesomeness by on our About Page!


Introducing Sabrina, Yoga Travel Tree's Social Media Maven!

We at Yoga Travel Tree are so excited to be expanding our team, and we're even more stoked about the amazing yogis who've joined our cause! SO stoked, in fact, that we want you to get to know them a little better too, because they're worth knowing. Read on for a mini interview with Sabrina Wong, our new Social Media Manager, and go check out her Instagram page to follow her personal yoga journey!


Sabrina Wong

Social Media Account of Choice:

 Instagram @sabbwong

Your Home base:

San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

Where does your yoga story begin?

I discovered what yoga could be through Instagram posts, and decided that if the people on social media could do it then so could I! My university offered a Power Yoga class at the gym, and from there I developed strength and enough knowledge to begin a home practice.

What got you hooked?

The idea of a noncompetitive form of exercise was very appealing to me, since most forms of fitness classes have an aspect of competition (both with oneself and with the other attendees). I injured myself in high intensity training classes, so the idea that I could become fit at a pace that worked for me and that I could stop a pose at any time if it hurt me really drew me in.

Tell us one weird/interesting fact about yourself:

I'm a VIP on Alcatraz Island (location of a famous American prison) since my great-grandfather was one of the wardens.

What do you love the most about traveling?

Traveling puts me outside of my comfort zone, and I learn so much from meeting new people and trying to experience different cultures. It's made me a better communicator, and a more open-minded person in general.

Where would you most love to travel and why?

I really want to visit South America, since I haven't been to anywhere on the continent yet! I'm hoping to visit Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina sometime soon.

If you were stuck on an island with only one thing, what would it be?

A radio so I could call the National Guard to come get me!

What’s your number one piece of advice for someone just getting into yoga?

Don't be afraid of not being able to do crazy poses! The most important thing that I've learned in yoga is to use it for self-reflection, and that the poses are just a tool to learn more about the self.

Anything else?

If anyone wants a travel or yoga buddy, contact me via Instagram! I also teach private yoga lessons in the Bay Area, and am always looking for new students :)
Learn more about Sabrina's awesomeness by on our About Page!


Meet Jennifer Elliott: Our Bali Yoga Adventure Instructor!

As Our Yoga Adventure to Bali draws near, we'd love to introduce you to the woman in charge of your asana for 10 days, Jennifer Elliott! Her yoga journey began with a nudge from an English professor who suggested she write her paper on yoga and meditation, which unknowingly sparked a life long pursuit. Continuing with her quest for more knowledge, she has spent the last 15 years learning as much as she can about all dimensions of yoga. Over the last decade she has shared her knowledge through her classes and teacher training's, most recently with Yoga Travel Tree this upcoming May!

Jennifer has her YogaWorks 500hr Certification, E-RYT 500, 300hr Yoga Therapy Certification from LMU, Bhagvadgita and Upanishads courses from LMU, 70hrs in Anatomy and Philosophy from Santa Barbara Yoga Center and 10 hrs Pauly Zink Yin Teacher Training, so she's well qualified to take your yoga practice to the next level. 

Tell me your yoga story. How did you discover yoga? When did it become a passion?

I first discovered yoga when I was 17. I was in college and for some reason my English Professor told me I should write my paper on Yoga and Meditation. Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.15.28 AMI wasn't quite sure what that was, so she sent me to my first yoga class and actually loaned me all the books to write the paper! I was young and didn't understand it at first. But about a year later I saw a flyer for a yoga class and I decided to try a 5 week intro series. It still didn't grab me, until I found my next teacher. Then I finally got it! I felt so great after class I couldn't wait to come back!

How has yoga become more than a hobby? How have you made it part of your career?

I eat, breathe and sleep yoga! I teach yoga full time and many styles of classes from Yin to Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy to Teacher Training. Adding my private clients, and oh yeah, MY OWN practice, yoga is ingrained in all aspects of my life.Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.16.30 AM

At YTT, we believe that travel is an important and crucial part of life. Tell us about your first meaningful travel experience?

My first meaningful travel experience was in Costa Rica in my early 20's. I spent a month traveling around the country. I had such an amazing time meeting new people and  I was there long enough to feel like a local.

You're our featured yoga teacher on our first ever Yoga Travel Tree retreat to Bali! Our retreats are a little different. We like to think of them as amazing travel adventures with a side of yoga. What are you most looking forward to about teaching on the retreat?

I'm most looking forward to meeting new people. I love how at the beginning of a retreat everyone feels like strangers, but by the end they become good friends.

What are you most excited about experiencing in Bali?Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.18.23 AM

I'm excited about the hot springs and experiencing a new culture.

If someone is new to yoga, do you think they can still enjoy your sessions during the trip?

Of course. I tend to give variations so everyone feels like they have a place to take their practice. Plus, a retreat can be a great place to deepen your practice and ask questions. You don't always have that time in a regular yoga class.

  Learn more about Jennifer, our Yoga Adventure to Bali, and the rest of #TeamYTT!

Come to Bali with Yoga Travel Tree and Jennifer! Click the button below!



Stuff We Love: Nina.B.Roze Heart Butt Yoga Pants

Just in time for Valentines Day, we're bringing you a review of some especially love-filled yoga pants: the Heart Butt™ Capri by Nina.B.Roze. These pants have been around for a couple years now, and for good reason. They're durable, sexy, flattering and funky. A couple months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder, designer and CEO of Nina.B.Roze, Nina Barenboym. As a special treat during this love-themed month, I felt it's the perfect time to release the interview to you, readers. So get a little peek at some of the forces behind Nina.B.Roze, and why we love the Heart Butt™ Capri like every day is Valentines.

The Interview

What was your driving passion behind creating Nina.B.Roze?

Since the age of seven, I always dreamed of having a lifestyle brand. In 2011 when heavily into fitness, gym, yoga/pilates, I noticed women were still working out in their old t-shirts, sheer leggings and then wearing these not so flattering outfits during their daily activities. What happened to being cute when you leave the house? An idea arose to create a fashion forward, unique and feminine collection for women on the go. A core collection of mix-n-match tops and bottoms that are perfect workouts and everyday.


Your clothes feature uniquely feminine aspects, but unlike many other clothing brands, they remain functional for fitness. What brought on this desire for the combination of fashion and function?

Fashion and fitness is a huge staple in our everyday lives. I wanted to create functional femininity for workouts. The signature design, the Heart Butt™ Legging is a great example of what the brand stands for. This favorite design and best seller is created to lift the booty and slim the body. With a technical circular pattern which enhances a beautiful heart shape around the asset, these leggings are flattering on every body type.


In your bio, it’s mentioned that the Victorian Era inspires many of your designs. What about this time period speaks to you?

There's something so elegant and regal about this period. I can spend hours looking at the details on a ruffled dress or corset and thinking how to modernize these details for the woman of today.


Does your time spent in Ukraine/Ukrainian heritage have any impact on your designs?

I believe so. As a young girl, my mom used to dress me in fashionable European outfits. I was her doll she dressed, so I as I got older I decided to dress the world.


You got your design start working for big companies like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Target. What was it like deciding to leave them behind and start your own clothing company?

I worked for different design houses where we created product for these retailers. When it was the right time, I took a chance to start my own brand.


What was the biggest challenge you faced as a business owner, and what advice would you pass on to others who have interest in starting their own business?

One of the biggest challenges is that you have to be everywhere at once, especially in the beginning when you're growing your business. Everything needs your attention. My advice to others who are thinking of starting their own business is be smart, savvy and use the tools you have.


What is your favorite part of your creative process?

I love the design process. Creating a concept, playing with fabrics, trims and integrating this into illustrations/flats. I enjoy working with pattern-makers and seeing the garment come off the sewing machines for the first time. That's when the sketch becomes alive.


Where do you see Nina.B.Roze in 5-10 years?

I see Nina.B.Roze growing into an international lifestyle brand.


What are you doing to set yourself and your business apart from other clothing companies?

I believe in creating one-of-a-kind product that is not seen anywhere else. Also from design to production stage, we manufacture all product locally and ethically in Los Angeles.


What kind of impact would you most like for Nina.B.Roze to have on the world?

To inspire beauty, health and fitness. Our motto is "Sport Your Pretty" wherever you go. I want women to feel empowered to do anything they desire in their lives.


If you could do anything differently, would you?

Not at this point. Everything is where it needs to be.

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

I hope everyone is ready for the 2015 Collection :)


Our ReviewerSarah

Sarah Monk

Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer.


The Review

Heart Butt™ Capri

First Impression: The fabric is so soft and light, plus the colorStuff We Love: Nina.B.Roze Heart Butt Capri - is amazing. They have excellent seam construction, so no fear of rippage or splitting in the deepest of forward bends.

Fit: These make the booty pop! (which is saying something coming from my white-girl tushy) The seam that creates the heart shape is incredibly flattering, and the type of fabric does wonders for the legs. They fit exactly to size too, so a small actually fits correctly, and I'm sure all the other sizes are spot on as well.  The waistband rides exactly where low-rise jeans do, so you don't have to get used to a funky position.

Performance: These wick the sweat with the best of them, and the waistband stays in place so you don't have to awkwardly pull your pants up after every pose. In fact, these pants worked so well for vinyasa yoga that I felt comfortable doing an 8 mile run in them with no fear of chaffing, riding up, or riding down. The best part is they're so well made that I'm not afraid of tearing, pilling or distressing the fabric. Bonus: when I wear them I feel like a fashion model.

Score: 10 out of 10

Product images via Nina.B.Roze


How To Transform From Skeptical Athlete To Yoga Travel Aficionado

We've all be there (or know someone who has). We've sat in a yoga class of some kind - perhaps uber physical or uber bhakti - and we've thought, "Whoa, this is ridiculous!" We were way out of our comfort zones and what felt right and natural to us. But over time and with an open mind, we came to understand the benefits of that once strange and foreign style and approach to yoga.

That's exactly how Rima Jomaa transformed from an athlete skeptical about the value of yoga into a yoga travel aficionado and teacher.

I sat down with her recently to talk about how yoga entered her life, why she fell in love with it, and her passion for yoga and travel experiences. Hint: She's also our yoga teacher for our upcoming Costa Rica Yoga Adventure in April 2015!


P.S. The Soulful Business Bootcamp is coming. Are you ready?


Yoga Travel Tree - Costa Rica Yoga Adventure 2015