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5 Ways Yoga Helps You be More Productive

Productivity depends on how clear your mind is and how freely you can work. Everyday tensions and reasons that stress you out make it difficult to work, affecting your output. Yoga is a great way to ease out on these and rid yourself of anxiety. Not only is yoga beneficial in this arena, but it also helps improve your health, prevent some illnesses and cure others. In fact, it has been found that the companies that offer yoga end up spending less on their employees’ health insurance as compared to those who do not have such a wellness program. It is clear from this fact that yoga is good for your health; it helps prevent some illnesses and cure others. But how exactly is yoga related to your productivity?

Makes you energetic

It is said that sitting and working continuously for long hours is a risk to your health. Not just that, it also reduces productivity and stresses you up. Taking breaks every 30 minutes or so greatly helps with blood circulation. Incorporating yoga poses during these breaks can help increase your energy and reduce fatigue, eventually enhancing your productivity. Yes, we understand that you cannot be expected to perform elaborate actions at your workplace, but there are certain very simple moves you can perform while just sitting in your chair, without attracting attention. Result: a burst of energy that helps you work better.

Reduces stress

It is not just physical pain that comes in the way of your work, but being mentally down is also a huge obstacle. Being stressed out, whether mentally or emotionally, costs you. Working becomes problematic because you are unable to focus fully which can be the reason behind you making wrong business decisions. Not only that, but stress also worsens any physical pain or illness you might have. Stress can make you skip work, it increases employee turnover and causes accidents. All these factors reduce productivity. Yoga clears your mind and helps de-stress yourself, thus allowing for increased productivity.

Helps with pain

Yoga helps in curing and avoiding back pain, headache, shoulder pain; all these, and more. Obviously any kind of a physical ailment will affect your productivity and if you get rid of it, you will be able to work better. Besides, physical pain also makes you think about it continuously, making it difficult to concentrate on your work. Practicing yoga will rid you of these pains, making you feel relieved and productive.

Improves mindset

Since yoga clears your mind, you are better able to deliberate over your tasks. It opens your mind, making you more creative and helping you make better decisions. The boost in energy you feel gives you motivation and you are more likely to think outside the box. Yoga inspires you.

Boosts morale

Since yoga improves your mental and physical health, it is indirectly also responsible for your morale. The better your health is, the happier you feel and the higher your morale will be. This positivity increases your self-confidence, making you a better person to work with. Your mood is enhanced and your dealings with others – whether employees or clients – are improved.


Employee productivity is obviously important for every company, since that is how they are going to progress. Therefore, employers should make it a point to encourage their workers to take small breaks to stretch themselves or relax. Not only will this make them more productive but they will also feel that the company cares for them.

This is not to be restricted to workplaces only and in fact applies to everyone, and not just employees. Students, for instance, should not be given hour long lectures without breaks. Spending hours working is not really helpful because you are probably not even working throughout. You are dead tired and cannot wait for the day to be over. You need some time off to refresh your mind and body. So why not take a break and yoga away the tiredness?


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