8 Reasons to Do Yoga in College

1. Finals

Yoga is a great stress reliever. Simple, beginner yoga poses like downward facing dog and childs pose help relieve tense muscles that carry a lot of stress like your neck, shoulders, and back. They also help loosen up parts of your body that you typically don’t focus on such as your face, jaw, fingers and wrists. Deep breathing, like you do when practicing yoga, can help reduce test anxiety. Just 30 minutes of yoga and breath work can ease stress level and help your mind function better.


2. Yoga Pants

A yogi always has a vast variety of comfortable yoga pants and adorable tops to throw on when you’re running late to class or work. These outfits are usually also very flattering so no need to worry about that big breakfast you just scarfed down. Plus, every guy enjoys watching a girl running late to class in yoga pants!


3. Summer is Coming!

Yoga is great way to get trimmed down for bikini season. It’s time to start knocking off that last beer bong you took last Friday night and start warrior posing back into that bikini bod. In a typical vinyasa yoga class, you can burn anywhere from 150-250calories per hour. By adding weights or heat to your practice, you can burn up to twice that amount! Yoga is also all about your core, so six pack abs here you come!


4. Detox

It’s been a long semester; college can take a tole on your body. Between stress, staying up late and eating only somewhat edible "food", any college body could use some cleansing. A buildup of toxins can lead to severe fatigue, muscle ache, joint pain, sinus congestion, heart burn, digestive complications, sleeping problems, and much more. Yoga, especially heated variations, is an excellent way to get rid of all those nasty toxins building up in your body.


5. Get Fit on Your Own Time

Don’t have time to fit a work out in with your hectic college lifestyle? That’s okay, who does? Between work, school, internships and a social life, it’s hard to find time to work out! The great thing about yoga is that you only really need your body, and you can practice just about anywhere. A mat would be helpful, but any old towel or the grass outside your calculus class will work too. Practice a few poses and try them in between classes or on your lunch break.


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6. It Makes You Happy

Drinking, smoking, stress, less sleep, unhealthy, cheap meals: the college life, and a recipe for illness. Poor breathing has been highly correlated with heart disease and high blood pressure.Yoga can regulate your sleeping habits, increase blood flow, improve brain function, detox the body, and improve mood. Breathing is half of your yoga practice, and optimal breathing can decrease anxiety, depression and aide in weight loss. Being kind to your body influences your mind. When your body’s healthy, people are typically happier, more outgoing, worry-free, and clear-headed. 


7. Keep it Cheap

If you'd like to attend formal classes, many University campuses include recreation fees with tuition costs. Take advantage of any discounted yoga classes! Other affordable alternatives include home practice, online classes, or practicing with friends. All you really need to know is a few key poses and practice those as much as you'd like. Ask some friends to teach you a few of their favorites, or get online and take an online class. Push yourself and become your own instructor. You don’t need a fancy studio or gym to practice yoga.


8. Personal Time

It’s difficult to find time to focus on yourself with so much going on. Make yoga your escape from the world. Take just thirty minutes to relax, and have some you-time. For these few minutes, live in the present. Don’t let anything that happened to you that day or anything you have to get done later come into your mind. Meditate and find out something new about yourself. College is all about finding who you are, and learning more about who you want to be. Let yoga help you find your love and passion!


Brittany Johnson is a spunky college student at Colorado State University studying marketing. When she's not doing yoga with her baby bunny, Flopsy, you can usually find her on the top of Horsetooth reservoir, sipping an espresso, or enjoying the beautiful Colorado weather on a patio in Fort Collins somewhere.  

Images via: University of Wisconsin, @thesophisticate