Studio Crashing

Yoga Studio Crashing: Northern Colorado Edition

As some of you may know, Yoga Travel Tree is based out of Northern Colorado with our headquarters in Fort Collins. In this edition of Yoga Studio Crashing YTT Ambassador Katelyn Johnson and I (Sarah Monk) explored some uncharted yoga territory in our own backyard, and what we found was nothing short of awesome. Colorado and yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly, so we knew we were in for a treat.

Outlaw YogaOLY2

Twice a month, Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado plays host  to Outlaw yoga, and the other two Sundays, Outlaw operates out of Sanitas Brewery in Boulder. The scene is a large room, complete with brewing tanks, bar, beer list and open garage-style doors to let the fresh air in.IMG_1303

When first arriving on scene, skepticism won out. It was a little loud, industrial, smelled of hops (not a bad thing) and seemed a little bit chaotic. A few minutes passes and what had seemed like chaos began to take shape as a yoga class. About 30 yogis gathered in the brewery, mats unrolled, totally ready to downward-dog. Before class began, the founder of Outlaw Yoga Boulder, Mark Stefanowski, and the Instructor, Megan Zamora went around to everyone in the room to say hello and introduce themselves. A move this yogi found totally refreshing and got me interested in learning what this thing is all about.

Outlaw Yoga is about providing yoga to everyone. Folks who might not otherwise feel comfortable attending classes in a studio are totally at ease practicing in a brewery, and the attitude and teaching style of the instructors was all inclusive and welcoming. Megan said she teaches classes in the scheme of life; a little chaotic at times, and sometimes overwhelming. Her strategy is that if you know you can take on the challenge of her yoga class and come out on top, you can take on whatever challenge the world throws at you. With wisdom beyond her years, Megan left you feeling accomplished, strong, powerful, and like you can kick the days ass.


Elan YogaElan1


Elan Yoga in Midtown Fort Collins is an awesome little studio and fitness center. It’s got three yoga rooms all set up with floor to ceiling mirrors and lovely hardwood floors. The atmosphere is totally un-distracting from the yoga goodness. They feature classes for all levels and interests, including hot yoga, power yoga, vinyasa and more.

When Katelyn and I visited, we were lucky enough to attend a free community class and it was amazeballs! The instructor, Alex, was wonderfully spirited, peppy and enthusiastic. The class was organized in such a way that worked the whole body and mind, complete with funky music, sun salutations, interesting flows and arm balances. We left feeling thoroughly worked, detoxed and soaking in sweat. The studio owner, Libby Lyons, actually took the class with us and her laid back attitude was incredibly welcoming and friendly. If you like exciting and active classes, look no further.


Old Town YogaOTY


Old Town Yoga is Fort Collins’ first studio, and it’s been a staple of the yoga scene here since it’s opening. Jake Van Vonderen is the owner, and his down to earth attitude and business savvy mind keep this place at the forefront of FOCO yoga. They offer teacher trainings, special workshops, free community classes, and a fantastic group of teachers. The three studios spaces range in size, each has hardwood floors and a light and focused feeling. They’re not set up for hot classes, but instead feature a well-rounded class list which includes beginner to advanced versions of vinyasa, ashtanga, viniyoga, yin and more.

Katelyn and I took an all levels class from Andrea Bilderback, and it was the perfect way to end the day. The class way very breath-centric (which we need) and it was a gigantic, yummy, full body, yoga fest. Andreas ability to read the energy of the room is unparalleled, so the class ended up being exactly what we all needed. Her classes are also truly “all levels”, with modification options and harder variations provided for many poses.


A huge thanks to the studios that welcomed us with open arms! There's no shortage of yoga in the Centennial State,  so keep your eyes peeled for Denver and SOCO editions of Yoga Studio Crashing, and if you haven't checked out Brooke's adventures in Pittsburgh, get on it!

Until next time, stay classy Colorado!