Filling Rayless Stars With Shaking - A Poem


A whisper in my vacant chest

Echoes around my heart a lonely sonar.

Darkness bounced back.



My muted throat's first "OM"

Filled rayless stars with shaking

Bursting into ujjayi air.


How victorious the space inside me swells

As I breathe out my solitary planets

Mixing with yours, creating a universe.



Cheering in my jam packed chest

Orbits around my heart companion sonars.

Radiance bounced back.



Rachelle Smith Stokes (aka Writer Yogi) is just that: A writer of poetry, inspiration and lessons learned on her yogic journey. She lives with her husband in Dayton, Ohio but hopes to one day share her passion for writing and yoga with other states and time zones. Her goal is to inspire and be inspired through her passions and connecting with others. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitter and her website,  Ujjayi Life.

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