Choosing a Caribbean Yoga Retreat Destination

[wp_ad_camp_1] So you've narrowed your choice in yoga retreat destinations down to the Caribbean. Congratulations, it a big, big world! You’re looking forward to white sandy beaches, oceans like swimming pools, reggae music and a few days living the Rasta lifestyle; to that special kind of carefree you can only get in the islands, Mon. A Caribbean yoga retreat will fit you perfectly! Narrowed down as you have, however, the Caribbean is made up of hundreds of islands. Here is a little taste of local flavor from the most well known spots  to help you pick the perfect Paradise.


Choosing a Caribbean Yoga Retreat Destination - Bahamas

If you’re looking for a short jaunt or a weekend getaway, the Bahamas will be your Caribbean Paradise closest to home. Former pirate haven  to the notorious pirate Blackbeard, The Bahamas is comprised of many islands, making it a great destination for adventurous island hoppers.

Turks & Caicos

Only a 90 minute flight from Miami, this quiet island is also close by. The low key scene sees less tourist traffic and is ideal for diving, sunbathing and secluded beaches.

Cayman Islands

The Caymans are made up of three quiet, Westernized islands. You’ll have all the ease and amenities of home and be able to speak English with the locals to boot. Aside from the pristine beaches, crystal blue waters and foreign currency, you may feel like you never left the states.


Choosing a Caribbean Yoga Retreat Destination - Jamaica

With a wide range of accommodations, diverse landscape, pristine beaches and nature adventures, there is something for everyone on this popular island. Jamaica’s rich history and African culture make it a special place to experience the authentic tradition of the Rastafari movement and its expression through reggae music.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation after Cuba and was Spain’s first capital in the new world. Celebrate Latin culture in what was once Hispanola and is now the most visited destination in the Caribbean. The island offers year round golf courses, luxurious resorts and much in the way of off the beaten path adventure.

Puerto Rico

No passport? No problem! This unincorporated territory of the United States began as a Spanish colony in the 1400s. Puerto Ricans are US citizens and the official languages of the island are English and Spanish. Puerto Rico uses the American dollar and flies the flag of the United States making for an easy transition so you can focus on fun, sun and adventure.


Choosing a Caribbean Yoga Retreat Destination - Dominica

If you’re looking for a distinctive Caribbean experience, Dominica offers a departure from Westernized culture and civilization. Known as the Nature Island, there is no shortage of stunning rainforests, waterfalls, dive sites or hiking trails. This less frequented island is only accessible by small aircraft or boat.

St. Lucia

This island is known for beautiful rainforest trails, waterfalls, hot springs, mineral baths and the drive in volcano at Sulpher Springs Park. At the park, you can walk through the ancient volcanic crater and view steaming water boiling up from the earth.


Glass bottom boats, white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and a short plane ride away. At only 21 miles long, this picturesque little island is home to a lively nightlife and friendly, hospitable people.


Choosing a Caribbean Yoga Retreat Destination - Aruba

An easy luxury destination, the ocean water here is warm and clear like a swimming pool. The gentle waves lap up onto the white sandy beaches where inviting lounge chairs and frozen cocktails await. Though Aruba has a reputation for being a sterile and expensive resort and cruise destination, you’ll take in beautiful sunsets and ocean views from beach bars and piers that make it a much loved and worthwhile destination.


Kristin Daemon is a yoga teacher, freelance writer and owner of Seaside Yoga, a new studio in the small town of Seaside, Oregon on the rugged Pacific Northwest coast.  You can find and friend her on Facebook or check out and follow her blog,

Images via: @solvibrations, @daniemc74, @qcbigbody, @joninhoo, @slevi16

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