What Bikram Yoga is like in Nairobi, Kenya

Yoga At Bikram, Nairobi

This is the place to be when you want to do Yoga in Kenya. It is such a superb environment that will attract even those who are faint at heart when it comes to practicing yoga. At Bikram, the place is normally heated at 40 degrees C in order to enable the participants to have an enabling environment when it comes to practicing the 26 postures which are practiced there. This has made it to be nicknamed

“The Hot Yoga” joint.

Bikram yoga is the brain child of a Mr.Bikram Choudbury, who started practicing yoga at age 4 years. Apart from Nairobi, Bikram Yoga studios are found globally. In total, there are over 2000 Bikram yoga studios globally. In Africa, there are 4 studios found in, Casablanca in Morocco, 2 in South Africa, and the Nairobi one.

What made this Bikram studio spread so fast? Mr. Bikram introduced it to the West through actress Shirley Maclaine, a Hollywood actress, and President Richard Nixon. The president granted Bikram a green card in the USA after he healed his knee with Yoga. From there, Bikram Yoga became popular in the USA and Europe.

Celebrities who have enjoyed Bikram yoga include Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and George Clooney.

Who Started Bikram In Nairobi

This is a center which was opened by a Mr. Karim and Emma Day at a cost of $100,000. It stands on a 1,400 square room.

How does it operate?

The Bikram Yoga class can accommodate up to 70 students, but it is restricted to 30 students a session. The experienced students are placed at the front row while the learners or new comers occupy the back rows so that they can copy the professionals.

What Happens Before The Yoga Classes?

Before you dream of going to a Bikram Yoga class, make sure to:

 To bring a bottle of water;

 Wear something that is close fitting. One made from lycra is ideal in order to avoid it sticking onto your body when you are all sweaty.

 3 hours before classes, make sure to eat a light meal to avoid going to the class on a full stomach;

Prior to going to the class, make sure you have taken enough water to make sure you remain hydrated during the Bikram yoga session;

 Arrive on time in order to get yourself set by the instructor. They are very strict and they don’t allow latecomers in.

When you walk into the room, you will feel welcomed. The wooden paneled floor will feel cool on your feet as you walk into the steamy Bikram yoga studio. There are 4 mirrors which will give you a reflection of yourself and other participants.

You have to roll your mat, and set your towel just beside yourself. The next step is the breathing exercises. When you breath in, moist, cool air is sent deep into your lungs. From there, a warm up session starts.

Why Do Bikram Yoga?

This is a type of yoga that will help you in eliminating that excessive weight you are carrying around. During a session, you can burn between 600 -1000 calories depending on your hard work. The postures, which are referred to as asanas and the heat, are a fantastic combination to trim and tone the body.

With Bikram Yoga, your muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs and glands in the body will be worked out thus improving the body system and helping to prevent diseases. In short, Bikram Yoga gives participants a whole health lifestyle.

Rest assured that, when you go to the Bikram yoga studio classes, it de-stresses. This happens during the deep breathing in which, your mind is controlled, making you relaxed and having a deep calmness that you will carry with you even outside the yoga class.

Enroll for the nearest Bikram Yoga class in your area.


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Bikram Yoga: Dickipedia Feature

*** Video's audio may be mildly NSFW, or you might want to put some headphones in.

Bikram Choudhury has been making waves on waves in the yoga community.  Now he’s officially been given a feature spot in a Huffington Post’s “Dickipedia”.

The Backstory:

Known for being the founder of Bikram Yoga, this yoga instructor and multi-millionaire businessman is credited for being one of the originators of hot yoga.  His classes are held in rooms with extremely hot conditions and feature a sequence of 26 postures (the same sequences, same order, every class).  In 2002, he attempted to copyright these 26 postures (that have been around for thousands of years), earning him a place in The Huffington Posts Dickipedia.  Aside from comparing himself to Jesus and Buddha, he’s been making waves in the news after several of his former students have made allegations of sexual assault during his teacher trainings.


In addition to these allegations, the video highlights Choudhury’s relentless ego, showcasing the fact that he owns numerous luxury cars, compares his man-parts to atom bombs, and makes women massage him, brush his hair, or else they flunk training.  What are your thoughts on Bikram Choudhury?  The father of modern day yoga, or a dude that simply needs to back down a few notches?




Image Credit:  Sombilon Photography