What Yoga Teacher Training Doesn’t Teach You…

15 Practical Truths of being a yoga teacher


When I went through yoga teacher training, I learned so much about sequencing, music, themes, and everything that goes into being a teacher.  I felt prepared to share the gift of light and love, fully confident in my abilities. [wp_ad_camp_1]

Or so I thought.

About two years later I realize that there is a lot they do not prepare you for.  Here are some of ideas of what to expect.


1) Students farting when you give adjustments

yoga farts yogatraveltree



2) Students farting going into postures (plow and happy baby are popular ones)

yoga farts yogatraveltree plow pose



3) That expletive you didn’t realize was in your music

parental advisory yoga yogatraveltree


4) Sneezing, coughing, burping, hiccups while teaching

sneezing baby panda yoga yogatraveltree


5) Getting asked out on dates by students

yoga pants hey girl yogatraveltree



6) Horrendous body odor and peculiar sweat stains

body odor yoga yogatraveltree


7) Studio power outages and other various technical malfunctions

technical difficulties yoga yogatraveltree


8) People text messaging during class

yoga text message rude yogatraveltree


9) Students banging on the windows and doors to get in if they are late

late to yoga class wonka yogatraveltree


10) Distractions of see-through pants and thongs (applicable to men and women)

see through lululemon yoga pants yogatraveltree


11) Blowing snot from your nose during alternate nostril breathing

alternate nostril breathing snot yogatraveltree


12) Nonsensical and anatomically incorrect cues as well as not knowing left vs.right

left from right yoga twitter yogatraveltree


13) Falling on your face while demoing a posture

yoga fail yogatraveltree


14) Snoring in savasana

savasana snoring yoga yogatraveltree



15) If you teach at multiple studios…showing up at the wrong studio at the wrong time

where am i yoga yogatraveltree



Sarah Kashdan – A Boston native, Sarah moved to Colorado in 2009 and yoga and teaching became her life passion.  She found that a regular yoga practice allowed her to heal both physically and emotionally and now she is the happiest place of her life. Sarah has a master’s degree in toxicology and is also a Reiki practitioner.  This combined interest in science and healing drives Sarah’s teaching to connect the mind, body, and spirit.  She loves to see people find, cultivate, and shine their inner light. Currently she teaches studio classes at Corepower Yoga, Fort Collins, Mindstream Yoga, Fort Collins, and Old Town Yoga Fort Collins. Find Sarah on Facebook.

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