Yoga Pose of the Week: Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

Hi! Brittany Ford here with Yoga Travel Tree for this week's yoga pose. The yoga pose of the week is Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II pose.

How to do it Right:

Start in Down dog. Step the right foot forward close to the right hand and pivot the back foot 90 degrees. Slowly rise up to stand and reach the right arm forward, left arm back.

Feel rooting through the outside of the back foot and gentle press in opposite directions with the feet. The more you press the deeper the hip opening. As the arms work and fingers reach, relax the shoulders away from the ears.


It's all in the Gaze

Find your drishti gaze over the front middle finger and simply breathe. What is drishti, you ask? Well, translated as "pure seeing," drishti is a focused gaze on one point with soft eyes. This cultivates concentrated intention of the practice and the ability to stay longer in a pose. We relax the eyes and the breath so that our physical body although in a difficult pose, feels at ease. I like to picture drishti as the pinpoint focus feature on a camera lens where there is one clear point and the rest of the image is blurry. When we are able to allow those things that do not matter to fade away, those parts of our life that bring happiness are seen much more clearly.

Thank you for practicing with me and I will see you next week!Keep up with me and Yoga Travel Tree on Instagram @yoga_birdie and @yogatraveltree. Visit and on Yoga Travel Tree. Love love love, Yoga_birdie