Yoga Pose of the Week: Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose)

Hi and welcome to your yoga pose of the week! I am Brittany Ford with Yoga Travel Tree. This week's pose is vasisthasana or side plank. Ugh! Right!? Don't worry there are plenty of variations and modifications available to make this pose your own.

How to start:

From downward facing dog, glide forward to your high plank pose. If you're coming one the right side, place the right hand about two inches higher on the mat and into the center. Roll onto the right side, the outside of the right foot cuts into the floor.

From here play around with some variations.

Variation 1

One option is to place the left foot in front of the right knee and press down. This will make it easier to concentrate on lifting the right hip!

Variation 2

If you would life to take a more difficult variation, hook the big toe of the top leg and first pull that knee in nice and close and maybe extend the top leg high. Breathe. Keep sending the hips high and heart up and open.


Thank you so much for practicing! Keep it up!!

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