Yoga Pose of the Week: Bakasana (Crow Pose)

Hi! Brittany Ford here with Yoga Travel Tree and your yoga pose of the week! We are exploring Bakasana or crow pose, a frequently taught arm balance that you might encounter in any number of yoga classes.  This is a foundational arm balance. It's used as prep for many other arm balances, as well as for many transitions into other postures. If this is your first time trying Bakasana, don't worry! Be patient with yourself and go at your own pace. In this video I'll explain exactly how to build up to Bakasana, as well as offer some more advanced options if you've already got it down! Have fun with this one!

How to Do it

  1. Start standing.
  2. Bend forward so your palms come to the floor, bend your knees so that they meet your elbows.
  3. Begin to play with balance and pressure. Shift your weight slightly forward onto your hands, and play with the placement of the knees on the upper arm.
  4. As you feel comfortable, look forward and slowly lift your toes off the floor, bringing your heels toward your booty.
  5. Hold here as long as is comfortable (don't forget to breathe!)
  6. Slowly lower the toes back to the floor, and recover in child's pose!

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