Yoga Pose of the Week: Ardha Mandalasana (Low Runners Lunge)

Our yoga pose of the week with Brittany Ford is Low Runners Lunge! [wp_ad_camp_1]

How to do it Right

1. Start at the top of your mat in your forward fold with knees bent. Warm up the spine and the hamstrings with a few flat backs. Move with breath from uttanasana (forward fold) to urdhva uttanasana (flat back). 2. Bring more awareness and weight to the left foot and slowly float the right foot off to step if back landing softly in a low lunge. 3. Either tent on the fingertips of use blocks on either side of the front foot to allow the left hip to continue to pull back and the chest to open forward. 4. Make sure that the right knee is directly aligned with the right ankle. 5. As you stay here and breath, hollow the left low belly back to create some space in the left side of the body, keep the collar bones broadening forward and the right heel reaching back. 6. When you are ready to come out, slowly step the right foot forward and fold. 7. Repeat on the left!


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