National Yoga Month: 30 Super Awesome Insta-yogis You NEED to Follow

  September is National Yoga Month! To celebrate this time of year, we’ve compiled a list consisting of 30 badass yogis, one for each day of September, that you just HAVE to follow.[wp_ad_camp_1]

Everyone already knows about @kinoyoga and @laurasykora, so we want to spread the insta-love to lesser-known yogis who are just as, if not more, freaking awesome. We chose these yogis not because of their popularity (in fact, they all have fewer than 5-figure followers), but because we could probably be these people’s new best friends.

They’re dedicated yogis, have amazing talent, are both inspirational and motivational, and seem like real people who we could go have a beer with. Now that’s our kind of yogi!

It was actually really hard to narrow the field of Instayogis down to 30, there are so many fantastic folks out there! We would love to know about your favorites, so comment them below!

Have fun perusing our choices, show them some love and likes on good old Instagram!


Happy National Yoga Month!

-YTT Team (@thenewdorothy and @badkukie if you're curious)


1. @moonrootslily @moonrootslily2. @yogaweirdo  @yogaweirdo3. @bradv1 @bradv14. @yoga_katy_daily @yoga_katy_daily5. @yogamand @yogamand

6. @sisters_yoga @sisters_yoga7. @gilliantayloryoga @gilliantayloryoga8. @joniyogini @Joniyogini9. @fitflexjuli @fitflexjuli10. @badkukie @badkukie11. @yogadaan @yogadaan

12. @theyogihuntress @theyogihuntress13. @asanafordays @asanafordays14. @trail_yogi @trail_yogi15. @bethefoz

@bethefoz16. @yoyogagirl @yoyogagirl17. @alleeesonnnn @alleeesonnnn18. @hecallsmeyogibabe_ @hecallsmeyogibabe_19. @trainerjake @trainerjake

20. @thenewdorothy @thenewdorothy21. @allieneedislove @allieneedislove22. @somtum2014 @somtum201423. @pepijnvannuland


24. @rima_danielle

@costarima25. @polepedalpaddle

@polepedalpaddle26. @nickatasana @nickatasana27. @jinguss @jinguss28. @_dday_


29. @freedivegirl@freedivegirl

30. @kristacardoza@kristacardoza