EPIC Yoga Gift Guide - 2014 Edition!

Happy Holidays from Yoga Travel Tree!

Hey yogis, friends of yogis or yogi family members! It's that time of year again, when you begin the frantic search for gifts, stocking stuffers and holiday cheer. To help keep you a little more cheerful, we've put together our EPIC Holiday Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers, 2014 edition!

We're adding to the gift giving sprit of the holidays by getting you some SCREAMIN' DEALS on the sweetest of gifts! Look for the green star, and know that we have exclusive deals on those items!


The Epic Yoga Lovers Holiday Gift Guide  is organized by the personality of your most-loved yogi, and we've got everyone from those who love the spiritual aspects of practice, to those wanderlusting yogis who can't stay put. We've also got a few gift ideas for men who love yoga (brogis, if you will) because guys are just SO hard to buy for sometimes!

Ahimsa (nonviolence) is huge here at YogaTravelTree, so each of the featured products are cruelty-free, sustainable, and many work hard to give back to the community. As always, we love small businesses and tried our best to go small this year!

We hope you find this guide a helpful, stress-reducing resource for your holiday season! Namaste

-Team YTT


The Spiritual Yogi

1. Tea Tray Meditation Altar - Create your own meditation station with this collapsible altar. Perfect for small homes or apartments!

2. Crystal Earings from Compassionate Paws Jewelry - Crystals are huge in healing and meditation practices. Coordinate the color of the stone with the chakra you want to focus on and take your OM to the next level. Hand made in St. Louis, MO.

3. Mantra Spots from My Mat Mantra - These sticky dots help keep your yoga practice in focus. Choose a favorite phrase, or write your own, stick it on your mat, and downward dog away!

4. Meditation Music by Avahara- Based out of Santa Barbara, CA, Avahara masterfully creates ambient abstract melodies  specifically designed to deepen your yoga and meditation practices.

5. Hugger Mugger Bolster - Who want's to sit on a hard floor and meditate? Um, no one! It's kind of hard to concentrate on finding your zen with your but bones digging into the ground. Ease that mind, and your tush with a bolster by the ever reliable Hugger Mugger.


The Newbie Yogi

1. Altar Ego Yoga Leggings - Every yogi, new and experienced, should have a pair of awesome yoga pants. We love Altar Ego for their stunning patterns and flattering fit.

2. TOGI Towel - Start your yoga practice on the right foot. Literally. This yoga towel has all the markings needed to make sure your alignment is perfect from pose to pose, so you learn the right way to move your body and avoid injury.

3. Cotton Yoga Strap by Gaiam -  Straps are great for new yogis who may not be so flexible. Ensure your alignment is correct, and make quicker progress in tough poses by using this cotton strap from Gaiam.

4. Bracelet from Ravishing Jewelry - Show the new yogi in your life that you support their new healthy habit with a bit of bling! Stones and crystals can also help open blocked chakras and put some focus into a new meditation practitioner. Handmade in Hoboken, NJ.

5. Manduka Yoga Block - Keep the spine happy with a block! Pretty much every yogi should have one (or two) of these suckers. If the yogi in your is missing one, fill the void with this sustainable cork version from Manduka.


Adventure Yogi

1. Maya Yoga Online Membership - Online memberships are fantastic for keeping your yoga practice strong on the move! If you or someone you know travels a lot, a year membership to Maya Yoga's database of online yoga classes is the perfect gift!

2. Wanderlust Bracelet from Blooming Lotus Jewelry - Low-profile and understated jewelry is an amazing way to remind someone you're thinking of them, even when their galavanting around the world! We love the wanderlust bracelet from Blooming Lotus. It'll stay out of the way during down dog, and wont set off metal detectors.

3. Fractal9 Yoga Leggings - Crazy yoga pants make for the best yoga selfies, especially in front of easily recognizable landmarks! Hand crafted in Colorado, Fractal9 features TONS of awesome pattens (so you can make one pair of pants into several outfits while traveling) and they're quick dry, and make your butt look goooood.

4. Yoga Travel Tree Yoga Adventure Retreat - There's no better gift to give than an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. With yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Bali, Thailand and more to come, you can send someone (or both of you for a shared vacation!) on the adventure of a yogic lifetime!  

5. Yogasana Yoga Mat - The best mat for getting out of the studio and on an adventure, the Yogasana yoga mat is great for practicing on grass, sand, rocks, dirt and any other terrain you can think of. It's crazy durable, lifetime guaranteed, and sustainably made in India for a cause.


1. Yoga Sutra Cards - Printed from the whimsical paintings of Theresa Hutch, these cards are great for the yogi who has it all. Frame and hang them, or send them to loved ones, they're sure to make an impact.

2. 1 Year Membership to Grokker - Yoga fanatics can choose from hundreds of high quality yoga classes from Grokker! Supplement the studio practice with a home-based class, keep up with your practice while on the go, or eliminate the need for a pricy studio membership all together with this gift.

3. Yoga Travel Tree Teacher Training - Know someone who always talks about becoming a yoga teacher? The time is now! Give the gift of a fabulous career and send the yogi you love on an immersive yoga teacher training experience in Mexico.

4. Clothing from Vegan Yogi Unicorn - Shop for a cause, and have a laugh while you're at it!Supporting the fight against factory farming and often featuring hilarious quips about kale and hippies, Vegan Yogi Unicorn apparel is perfect for the yogi with a sense of humor and heart of gold.

5. BuddhiBox Gift Membership - Give the gift that keeps on giving! Purchase a membership to BuddhiBox, and for a specific number of months have a box of yoga goodness delivered straight to the yogi of your choice.

6. Mandala Yoga Mat - Ok, so by this point in their yoga life they may already have a few spare yoga mats, but this one is the KING of mats, and needs to be owned. The Mandala Yoga Mat is circular in shape, which means that no matter what pose you're in, you'll stay on your mat! No more foot slippage in wild thing, you're supported and safe throughout your entire practice. They also prevent the "butt in the face" effect in wide leg forward bend.



1. Vuori Clothing (Coming soon!!) - We're waiting with baited breath for this mens yoga clothing company to launch med-December, so keep your eyes peeled!

2. Skidless Yoga Towel From Yogitoes - It's commonly believed that people sweat. Keep dry with the Skidless Yoga Towel from Yogitoes, and say goodbye to slippage! They come in all kinds of manly colors too, so you can stop using that old beach towel now.

3. Parallette Bars - Help the yoga dude in your life get a little stronger, and feel a little more badass with a set of Paralette Bars. They'll suspend you several inches off the ground, perfect for practicing arm balances, and serve as a base for tricep dips, l-sits, deficit pushups and more.

4. Brogamats Manly Mat Bag -  These mat bags are awesome. There's one that looks like a burrito, a ninja sword, the lumberjack bag pictured above and tons more. Choose the style thats right for the brogi in your life and he's sure to love it.

5. Yoga Joes Action Figures - Funded by Kickstarter, Yoga Joes aren't your typical plastic toy soldiers. They're posed in your favorite asanas, and they're promoting a nonviolent outlook on life for children young and old. These guys would make AMAZING stocking stuffers. Just sayin'.


We hope our yoga gift guide helps you find the perfect gift for the yogi in your life! Happy Holiday shopping!!

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