5 Famous Yoga Destinations in India

For many years now, yogi tourists have been searching for spiritual renewal and serenity. Most have made their way to India, in order to study the ancient practices like yoga, Ayurveda healing and meditation. Whether you are looking for daily meditation routine at a spiritual center or a visit for stress reduction, escaping from the busy urban life and self-discovery, the following yoga destinations in India are sure to knock your socks off. [wp_ad_camp_1]

1. Ramamani Iyengar memorial Yoga institute

Yoga is one way of freeing the body, mind and spirit. This particular institute attracts serious visitors who would like to be students of yoga from all over the world. They conduct their regular classes for all levels. They usually perform a form of hatha that mostly focuses on posture popularly known as Iyengar Yoga. This institute emphasizes on in-depth study of yoga and there are various categories for ladies, women, children and those with medical problems.

2. The yoga institute

The yoga institute was established in 1918.The institute, offers various categories from regular classes, weekend classes, children’s regular classes, and couples regular classes and home tuition. For all the visitors, there are various health camps ranging from cooperate workshop, vacation camps for children, specific health campus and 7 day health camp. There is the samattvan program that is recommended for all individuals willing to learn yoga for relief from health ailments for a stress free life and general life fitness. Yoga Adventure Retreat 2015

3. Purple Valley yoga

The purple valley is an institute that specializes in Ashtanga yoga courses in Goa. The yoga class usually goes for two weeks and provides 6 morning classes and 4 afternoon classes every week. The content of the yoga classes vary according to the session and the teacher. It is quite beneficial if students take a full course of 2 weeks. Ashtanga is an ancient method of moving meditation. A system linked by breath and flowing postures. Ashtanga literally means 8 limbs. By maintaining regularity, devotion, calmness and heightened sense of awareness you will be able to learn each series of postures perfectly.

4. Himalaya yoga valley center

Himalaya yoga valley center is India’s international yoga education that delivers quality yoga training with the best workshops and classes for beginners and seasoned practitioners. It is dedicated to share traditional Ashtanga and hatha yoga practices that are passed by great masters to the highest professional standards of training delivery. Himalaya yoga valley center offers yoga retreats from October at Goa which are an excellent opportunity to immerse in the traditional practices. It focuses on improving the well being, happiness and health yoga.

5. Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh

This is a magnificent mountain setting in the town of Rishikesh that is a wonderful place to study yoga. It is equipped with 1,000 rooms which lie on eight acre campus. It has an extensive program of Vedic heritage, beginner yoga, teacher training courses and spiritually. Parmarth Niketan is one true spiritual haven which lies on the holy banks of mother Ganga.   - Yoga is one of the best ways of relaxing your mind away from the city and meditates without distractions. For a perfect trip, make sure to take your India visa, and get going to these amazing yoga destinations! Check out Yoga Travel Tree's Yogi's Guide to India for even more travel information!