Yoga and Hypnotherapy: A Winning Combination

Yoga is good for your all around health–physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Everyone knows about the good effects that yoga has on your stress levels and on your immune system. The combination of physically challenging exercises, meditation and breathing methods can go a long way to balance your life in these stressful times.

When yoga isn´t enough


But there are times in everyone´s lives when yoga isn´t enough. Especially when you realize that you have developed certain habits which turned out to be harmful. These negative feelings, behaviors and thoughts can follow you around during your whole life, if you don´t find the right instruments to fix, or “deprogram” them. That is why we want to promote a method that is extremely effective, easy to learn and does not require any fancy equipment or expensive advice by a therapist.

Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis as yogic practices

During hypnosis the body and mind are in a very deep state of relief and relaxation. Now is the time when one can get directly in touch with the subconscious, which knows the inner source of even our most secret thoughts and uncontrolled behaviors. The goal of self-hypnosis is to “talk” to this subconscious and achieve transformation.. The physical and mental relaxation that comes with a good yoga practice opens the door for this healthy communication, which is a powerful way to get rid of destructive habits.

Hypnotherapy – what is it good for?

There are certain behaviors in all of us that we know are not good for us. We all know we should live healthier, be more active and think more about our loved ones. Then there are addictions like smoking, eating too much or doing hard drugs. For most of these habits we don´t really have an explanation. Only our subconscious knows the deepest sources of these bad habits and self-destructive behaviors. This is where hypnotherapy comes in. It can help to address these unwanted habits but also to successfully get rid of psychosomatic stress that shows itself in diseases like migraine or a weakened immune system, etc. Hypnotherapy can work directly at the inner source of these symptoms. By transforming oneself, the individual becomes free from these stress related symptoms and the unwanted behavior.

How to Learn Hypnotherapy as a Yogic Practice

Yoga takes the body to a state of deepest relaxation which is the most important condition for self-hypnosis to work. Different methods like autosuggestion or visualizations help to activate the process. Also ” Sankalpa“ (conception or idea ,notion ) can be of great assistance to healing. It is strongly recommended to find a teacher to learn hypnotherapy and not try it without guidance. The most effective way to learn it is as a yogic practice, because a teacher will eliminate the risk of learning a wrong practice, which could have disastrous consequences on the mental health of that person. A teacher can guide and assist you during the process of learning how to heal yourself.


Author_Sohail_EbadyDr. Sohail Ebady M.D. created Patanjali Institute to impart yoga and hypnotherapy to students who wish to become effective healers. He has been a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist for over 20 years and recognized the need for these sciences to be intertwined.