What a Yoga Travel Tree Teacher Training Has that Others are Missing

If there’s one important lesson we’ve all learned from our own yoga teacher training journey, it’s that there’s so much more to becoming a yoga teacher than knowing how to teach yoga. Yoga isn’t just a mashup of poses and postures and creating playlists.

[bctt tweet="Yoga is a philosophy. A lifestyle. A way of seeing the world."]

We want you to have more than just a teaching certificate. We want you to have all the information, knowledge, insights, and abilities you need to go out into the world and find success - financially, physically, and spiritually.

That’s why we include several bonuses in our trainings that we feel are important to giving you the best possible yoga teacher training experience possible, and go above and beyond the Yoga Alliance requirements.

Introduction to Ayurveda

Our lead instructor, Kate, has spent the last several years running her own Ayurveda coaching and consulting company. She brings that experience (and her Ayurveda Practitioner Certification) to our 200 HR teacher training to give you a detailed introduction to Ayurveda. Whether you’ve never heard of this sister science to yoga or if you’re looking to broaden your knowledge, you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of Ayurveda that you can share with future students.

Advanced Business Training

All Yoga Alliance registered schools are required to talk about the business side of becoming a yoga teacher, but we take that to a whole new level! Our mission is to not only help you deepen your own practice and knowledge of yoga, we also want your training to be PRACTICAL. After this experience, you'll walk away with strategies and approaches to securing your first teaching positions, know how to professionalize your approach to this new career, and much more. Because there are only so many hours in a day, we also give all of our teacher training graduates discounted access to Brooke’s 6-week Soulful Business Bootcamp advanced online training course. We believe in providing and delivering value and helping you achieve the professional success you want!

Advanced Mediation Training

Meditation is the cornerstone of any well-rounded yoga practice, and unlike other trainings, we don’t just say “hey you should probably meditate.” We include daily group guided meditation to show you the many different styles, structures, and approaches to meditation, so you’re prepared to bring the practice back to your future students. Of course, this daily practice during the training will help you broaden and deepen your own meditation journey along the way.

Yoga Travel Tree Retreat Discounts

We wouldn’t be a very good yoga travel company if we didn’t encourage and help our teacher training graduates see the world with us! That’s why we provide travel grants and discounts for our training alumni to use toward a retreat of their choice. There’s only one thing we love more than giving the gift of travel - it’s giving the gift of travel+yoga!

[bctt tweet="We provide travel grants and discounts for our training alumni"]

Teach on A Yoga Retreat

Once you’ve fulfilled your training requirements and gotten some teaching experience under your belt, we would love to have you teach on one of our global yoga adventures held throughout the year! First things first... let’s get you trained and certified through Yoga Travel Tree!

What EXACTLY is included when you train with Yoga Travel Tree?

So we’ve shared a lot of information with you about our yoga teacher training programs, and now we want to give you a quick and dirty breakdown of what exactly you receive when you embark on this journey with us.

Here’s what’s included in your Yoga Travel Tree investment:

  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance approved and registered teacher training curriculum with the Satyam Yoga School
  • Comprehensive teacher training manual (only distributed at our trainings)
  • Welcome bag full of surprise goodies!
  • Access to not one, not two, but THREE experienced and expert instructors
  • All accommodation and three delicious+organic meals per day
  • Organized airport pick-up and departure shuttles to make your transition to/from the training seamless
  • Certificate of completion after all training requirements have been met
  • Camaraderie and friendship with like-minded yogis on the path to becoming a teacher
  • Full-immersion in a new culture and destination
  • Small class sizes and instructor studio ratio - All trainings are limited to 25 students
  • Mentorship, teaching, and coaching from our instructors before, during, and after the training
  • Complete roadmap to structuring and teaching Vinyasa  + many other styles of yoga at studios and events around the world
  • Broad understanding of the anatomy, functionality, and connection between the body and mind, breath and movement, yoga and life
  • Teacher Profile in the Yoga Travel Tree Teacher Directory on our website (including bio and links)
  • Opportunity to teach yoga on a Yoga Travel Tree yoga adventure retreat

And beyond all that, we also have some great bonus materials for you! 

  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Advanced Business of Yoga Training + Discounted Soulful Business Bootcamp
  • Advanced Meditation Study
  • Exclusive discounts on future yoga retreats with Yoga Travel Tree
  • Opportunity to teach on a Yoga Travel Tree retreat

There it is. The whole enchilada! We hope you’re inspired to find the perfect yoga teacher training program for you!