OM ALL ABOUT IT! - October 25th, 2013


A Work of Art

Yoga: the art of transformation smithsonian yogatraveltree

Yoga: The Art of Transformation” Opened on-time this week at the Smithsonian Sackler Gallery in Washington D.C., despite the government shut down.  The exhibition highlights 2000 years of yogic tradition depicted through visual works of art.


Hollywood Invasion of the Yoga Pants

yoga journal conference hollywood yogatraveltree

Next weekends Yoga Journal Conference is expected to bring over 1300 yogis to Tinseltown, are you one of them?

Superhero Cure

delhi police yoga yogatraveltree

Police Officers in Delhi turn to yoga to relieve stress of  daily crime-fighting.

Yoga Free Campus

santa fe yoga ban yogatraveltree

Teachers in Santa Fe have been stirring up some dust this week. If you teach there, you might get in trouble for teaching “yoga” to youngsters.


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Blog to Buzz About

Daily Downward Dog

Daily Downward Dog Yogatraveltree

If you're interested in improving your practice, your well-being, your attitude, or really, anything about yourself, than Daily Downward Dog is worth a peek. Actually, It's worth more than a peek, it's worth some long hours spent pouring over the inspirational, yet relevant content. Maria's articles thoughtfully cover topics from yoga product reviews, to yoga teacher reflections, to how to cultivate a better meditation practice. Each piece is written with a light-hearted voice that radiates with her wisdom and personal experience.



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Images via: Freer/Sackler, Pre-Code-Hollywood, SatyanaYoga, USAToday