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Yoganapolis 500

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Turns out yoga is perfect for race car drivers! Hot yoga helps to stabilize body temperature and clears the mind for the win according to some indycar racers.


Yoga for Seeing Impaired

Yoga for the Blind washington University yogatraveltree

University of Washington computer scientist’s have developed a program for the hard-of-seeing which uses verbal cues to reposition practitioners.


The Art of Yoga

Yoga for the Blind washington University yogatraveltree

Shutdown and all, the Smithsonian still plans to open the Art of Yoga exhibition this weekend, and will run it through January.


Canada Does it Right

guru athletics towel yogatraveltree

Guru Athletics uses recycled plastic bottles to create eco-smart, and stylish hot yoga towels.


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Is Yoga Legal?

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Rebecca writes to combine two worlds: Lawyerhood and Yogidom. Is Yoga Legal? offers its readers sound, higher-self advice with a real, working-world perspective. One of our favorite features is the handy "Themes" bar at the right of each page, providing easy access to advice on all kinds of topics, from neuroscience to forgiveness. Rachel's library of articles is enormous, and well-organized. Each article is poignant, helpful and well-written.

Lawyer on yogi!


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Images via: Jalopnik, University of Washington, TeraKaurYoga, Guru Athletics, Buzzfeed