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heavy metal yoga yogatraveltree

Heavy metal yoga is gaining traction in New York.


Canada makes the grade.

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 In Saskatoon one elementary school has hired a “Yogi in Residence” to teach daily yoga sessions to students,  and unrivaled benefits have been seen.


New problems for Lululemon.

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Reports of yoga pants “pilling” and seams coming apart may cause even more headaches for the company.


Preparing for a big race?

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Yoga's great for cross training, and recently it has been found to boost your skills in other activities.


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It's All Yoga, Baby!

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It's All Yoga, Baby! has exactly what a good yoga blog should have: relevant content that makes you think, silly stories, photos, product reviews, interviews and everything else in between that carries weight in the yoga world. That being said, it's far from typical. Something that sets this blog apart from others is it's unapologetic  defense of women-hood and equality for all. You'll find numerous articles on yoga as a cure for eating disorders, tackling body image issues and debunking pop-culture trends. Roseanne isn't afraid to cover the stories that we all need to hear more about. We hope she never stops!


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