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Have you ever thought of attending a yoga festival? 

yoga festival top 5 yogatraveltree travelThese 5 yoga festivals that sound like incredible experiences.


Science blows the mind.

yoga change DNA yogatraveltreeNew research shows that yoga actually changes your DNA for the better.


Almost an apology.

Chip Wilson apology lululemon yoga pants yogatraveltreeSurely he means well, but when Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson sort of apologizes for blaming women's bodies as the reason for defective yoga pants, he doesn't actually address the controversial issue.


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Adam Hocke Yoga

adam hocke yoga yogatraveltree

When visiting Adam Hocke’s personal website, click on the “blog” tab and tap into a great resource for new yogis and teachers alike. Adam shares funny experiences, anatomical research and knowledge, teacher interviews, music, book reviews and truths to keep in mind while practicing yoga. Needless to say, his blog is well-rounded, and inspirational. We keep an eye out for his latest posts, you should to!

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