OM ALL ABOUT IT! - December 28, 2013 - Top 5 Yoga News Stories of 2013

2013 has been a crazy year for yoga in the news, and this week we'll take a look back through the archives and revisit the most popular stories of the year!


Top 5 Yoga News Stories of 2013


5. The worlds sexiest yogi.

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This year, Maroon 5 vocalist and cohost of The Voice, Adam Levine, was named the sexiest man alive. Earlier in the year Levine told Men's Health Magazine how yoga has helped him stay in shape, stay flexible, and stay focused, making him the sexiest yogi in the world.


4. Yoga for the Masses

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This year has seen huge progress toward mainstreaming yoga. What once was only for hippies in the 1970's, is now a $27 billion industry with millions of practitioners around the world. This year we've seen new styles of yoga gain popularity (laughter yoga, SUP yoga, Doga, yoga for high heels... the list goes on), an Art of Yoga exhibit put on by the smithsonian in Washington DC, Pop Up Yoga classes around the country, and record breaking attendance at multiple Wanderlust festivals.


3. The Bikram Scandal

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Bikram Choudhury has had his fair share of media attention for all the wrong reasons. While his style of yoga has taken off in popularity to become one of the most practiced yoga styles in the country, Bikram the man has been synonymous with scandal almost from the get-go. In May of 2013 he was accused of rape and sexual harassment by two former students, and is now facing rape and sexual assault charges from 3 others, bringing the total rape charges to 5.


2. YogaGlo's Patent Battle

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Internet studio YogaGlo successfully patented the angle and style in which they shoot their online yoga classes: from the back row of a studio, facing the instructor from a height of about 3 feet. After the patent was granted, YogaGlo sent out cease and desist letters to several other online yoga studios, including Yoga International. It's only been a few weeks since the patent was granted, but the impact has already been huge to the online yoga community, causing self posting yogi's to panic, and rightfully so.


1. Lululumon's See Though Pants, and Chip Wilson's Fallout

Lululemon see though yoga pants chip wilson yogatraveltree

By an overwhelming margin, this years top yoga story is the Lululemon saga of the see-though yoga pants. The yoga-wear giant has had a rough year. The story begins back in March 2013 with the recall of several styles of yoga pants made from the fabric Luon. It continues with the stepping down of CEO Christine Day in June, new doubts of product quality with pants piling in November, the company founder (and CEO) Chip Wilson making unflattering and poorly chosen remarks about women's thighs, followed promptly by media and blogger backlash galore. All this lead to Chip stepping down as CEO in December, finally bringing us to the current state of the company. They'll get a new CEO in January, Laurent Potdavin, and hopefully she can help Lululemon get back on it's feet (all four corners) in 2014.


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