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This is Your Brain on Yoga

yoga stimulate brain yogatraveltree

University of Illinois grad student’s study finds that yoga instantly stimulates brain function, while other forms of exercise have a delayed response.


You Got Your Masters in What?

masters of yoga studies yogatraveltree

The first ever Masters of Yoga degree is offered from Loyola Marymount University.


Spice Up the Mat

yoga for singles yogatraveltree

Ladies and gentlemen, put on your fanciest yoga pants and get ready to meet your mat-mate! Yoga for singles is here!


Yoga Alliance Overhaul

Next Generation Yoga Alliance yogatraveltree

The Next Generation” Yoga Alliance is coming. The governing body of yoga has decided to actually act like a governing body by providing more benefits to certified teachers and schools. Supposedly.


Also in the News


Here we go again: Is Yoga Really Dangerous for Men?


This Urban Cyclist Likes Yoga.


“The Fat Yoga Teacher” gained weight to prove a point that yoga is for any body, but her personal practice suffers in the process.


For the techie: 8 Must-Have Yoga Apps


More shutdown perks: Colorado Springs yoga Studio offers free yoga to furloughed government employees.


Practicing yoga helps calm Mexico’s teen criminals.


Down dog might help you catch more Z’s, but won’t stall hot-flashes.


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Alive in the Fire

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