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Is Yoga Getting Too Snotty?

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Claire Luchette of argues that yoga's gone bogus, and a studio called Yoga to the People's goal to bring yoga back to it’s roots.


Subway Yoga

On September 30th it was revealed that Fabrizio “The Fat Jew” Goldstein, a New York City comedian and apparent do-gooder, teaches Bikram yoga for homeless folks in the Manhatten Subways. Awesome. ..or gross?


Perks of the Government Shutdown

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Out-of-work government employees plan on doing “all the yoga they want.

Lululemon’s See-Through Yoga Pants Saga Continues.

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Petitioners to "bring back sheer yoga pants" are most definitely out of luck. This week it was announced that a Louisiana pension fund will be the lead plaintiff in the fight against sheer yoga pants.

Blogs to Buzz About


The Yoga Lunchbox

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This blog covers all the bases! Along with keeping readers up to date on yoga events around New Zealand, and the world, The Yoga Lunchbox is a fantastic resource for everyone from brand new yogis to gurus. Informational AND inspirational articles are the main dish of this meal!


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