4 U.S. Airports with Yoga Rooms

It can be awkward, but necessary, to Downward Dog in the airport waiting area. I’ve done it and it always feels. So. Good. In between flights, stretching out the body, for a yogi, becomes a natural instinct and it can be downright painful to deny it. Fortunately, some airports here in the States are creating space for our yoga bodies so we don’t offend the delicate souls nearby. Here is a list of U.S. airports with yoga rooms:  

San Francisco International Airport

SFO was the first airport in the world to bring a complementary yoga room to travelers. Several other U.S. airports saw the positive response and have since followed suit. Directional signs throughout SFO will guide you to a yoga room in Terminal 2 at boarding area D near the Recompose Area. The room is open 24 hours. You’ll find a 150-square foot room that is a shoe, phone and noise-free zone and offers mats for travelers to use. There is another yoga room in fancy new, Terminal 3 at boarding area E near Gate 69, also open 24 hours. SFO also features the Berman Reflection Room pre-security for quiet self-reflection and meditation.


Chicago O’Hare International Airport

The yoga room at O’Hare is in Terminal 3, adjacent to the indoor urban garden on the mezzanine level of the rotunda. The 15x16 foot room features an area for personal belongings, sustainable bamboo floors, wall mirror, natural light and a TV monitor running yoga videos and soothing images. The yoga room at O’Hare is open from 6am-10pm daily.

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Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

The proclaimed, fully equipped yoga studio at DFW is separated by a privacy screen near gate D40 in the hallway connecting Terminals B and D. Mats and hand sanitizer are available for the traveling yogi’s use. The Dallas airport also features a seven-tenths of a mile, “LiveWell” walking path from gates D6-D40 for those looking for a little cardio after their layover yoga sesh.


Burlington International Airport in Vermont

Evolution Yoga in Burlington Vermont has sponsored a yoga room at the Burlington International Airport. The room is on the second floor of the airport near the observation tower and, likely because it is sponsored by a local studio, has a very comfortable, studio feel.


Be proud of your country for having the foresight to understand the current health trends and get in the airport yoga game. When possible, travel through these airports who support our yoga culture and take advantage of this awesome new trend in amenities. By spending our money this way and being vocal about our support, hopefully more and more airports will see the value and and get onboard. Bon Voyage Yogis!

Images via: @sibbyfresh