How To Transform From Skeptical Athlete To Yoga Travel Aficionado

We've all be there (or know someone who has). We've sat in a yoga class of some kind - perhaps uber physical or uber bhakti - and we've thought, "Whoa, this is ridiculous!" We were way out of our comfort zones and what felt right and natural to us. But over time and with an open mind, we came to understand the benefits of that once strange and foreign style and approach to yoga.

That's exactly how Rima Jomaa transformed from an athlete skeptical about the value of yoga into a yoga travel aficionado and teacher.

I sat down with her recently to talk about how yoga entered her life, why she fell in love with it, and her passion for yoga and travel experiences. Hint: She's also our yoga teacher for our upcoming Costa Rica Yoga Adventure in April 2015!


P.S. The Soulful Business Bootcamp is coming. Are you ready?


Yoga Travel Tree - Costa Rica Yoga Adventure 2015