Top 4 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training in India

[wp_ad_camp_1]Countries the world over have sought to emulate and grow the culture of yoga from India's mother-soil. It is a tradition of wisdom, health and sustainability of life. When you take away the Western trends of yoga, when your practice is stripped down of the expensive mats, clothes and malas to its basic principles, you are at the core of its teachings. You are closer to the source in India because that is where the principles were born, and the culture of an entire country has been built around them.

Fortunately, the cost of traveling to India, including the price of airfare is in line with what you would pay to stay home for your yoga teacher training. That means the choice to travel and learn at the source is a realistic dream for any yogis seeking to complete a teacher certification!  Here are a few perks of doing your training in India:


1. Ayurveda 

Ayurveda is more than just the diet regime we are familiar with in the West. Indian lifestyles revolve around, not only the traditional five-taste meals, but a system of healing meant to balance the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies naturally. These principles are inherent in a yogic lifestyle and in India, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about, experience and explore a wider range of these ancient practices.


2. An International Education

If you plan to teach internationally, it will benefit you to learn next to students from all over the world. Your peers will be bringing to India traditions and teachings from their own countries. This conglomeration of knowledge will allow you to leave your training with more than just one idea of what yoga is. In India, you will learn a practice that is the foundation for teachings all over the world.

Top 4 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training in India - YogaTravelTree


3. Real World Application

On your days off, you’ll be out on the city streets of India, chasing trains and dodging traffic, armed with your arsenal of yogic teachings; and you’ll have the opportunity to apply all of your learning. Urban India is the perfect testing ground for the yogi with its vibrant, exotic and chaotic noise. Men will stare, hawkers will leave you no peace and forget about personal space. You’ll need to focus on your destination and tune in to your body and breath to stay balanced, focused and centered. Not to mention, Indian teachers are not known for their coddling classes. They will give you the lesson, expect you to do the work and then want to see you apply your knowledge. You’ll be forced to leave behind distractions and use and focus on your yoga.

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4. Immersion in Yogic Culture

From the vegetarian friendly cuisine to the damp, tropical weather and Hindu deities and rituals, you’ll be inundated in the culture of your yoga predecessors. You’ll be closely connected to something that began thousands of years ago on the same ground where you stand, where you perform asana.  You’ll return home with a strong foundation for your own wisdom, wisdom you will impart to your students who will feel Mother India in your teachings and spirit.

Top 4 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training in India - YogaTravelTree


Kristin Daemon is a yoga teacher, freelance writer and owner of Seaside Yoga, a new studio in the small town of Seaside, Oregon on the rugged Pacific Northwest coast.  You can find and friend her on Facebook or check out and follow her blog,


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