Top 10 beaches in India for Yoga Enthusiasts

I’m sure like me, when you think of a yoga retreat India comes to your mind, which is quite natural because that’s where it all began… I’d often wondered what the word ‘yoga’ meant.  Yoga has its origins in India from the ‘Yuj’ in Sanskrit, which means to unite. Yoga is your path to unite with the spirit of the Universe and its practice brings rejuvenation to the mind, body & soul.

Yoga on a beach? Sounds promising indeed…

The beach setting is idyllic with the sound of the ocean waves gently crashing against the stones, the salt sea air invigorating your lungs, and the soft breeze keeping you cool throughout your Yoga session.

Now it’s time to go for a Yoga holiday in the famed beaches of India…

Cherai Beach, Kerala


The golden beach of Kerala where the golden rays of Sun play with the blue waters of the ocean. The beach, located near Cochin is lined with luscious green coconut groves and paddy fields. The sandy beach is a unique combination of the sea and the backwaters.  The peaceful, rustic setting is  ideal for spiritual practice of Yoga. Go in for total rejuvenation at the Cherai Beach Resorts & Ayurmana Spa, two prominent Yoga retreats to look out for at the Cherai beach.

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Anjuna Beach

Anjuna-BeachAnjuna Beach is popular with foreign tourists. The beach is marked by an unusual rocky formation overlying a cove of white sand and black rock that juts out into the Sea. The stunning natural beauty of the beach with swaying palms trees and soft white sands overwhelms you. Pamper yourself at the Satsanga Retreat, Yoga Magic Eco Resort & the Purple Valley Yoga Resort here at the Anjuna beach.

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Sernabatim Beach

Sernabatim-BeachDiscover the sugar ‘n sand beach of Sernabatim in Colva coastline and its glistening waters. The incessant waves create a calming effect which is ideal for the practice of Yoga. For those interested in yoga practice, the Baywatch Resort & the Beach House offers a range of innovative and all-inclusive wellness programmes.

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Varkala Beach

varkkala-beachStunning cliffs form a perfect backdrop for the Varkala beach lying on the outskirts of Thiruvnanthapuram, the capital city of Kerala. A dip in its waters is believed to purge the body of all impurities & the beach is believed to have medicinal and curative properties. Apart from all this Varkala is renowned for its Yoga retreats. Kadaltheeram Beach Resort, Palm Tree Heritage Resort, Sharanagati Yogahaus etc. to name a few...

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Kovalam, Kerala

kovalam-beachWith incredible sunrises and the play of colours of the water, sand and greenery, this long stretch of white sandy beach running alongside the Malabar Coast—Kovalam beach has been Kerala’s most popular destination for years. The beach is a union of three coves, namely the Hawa Beach, the Lighthouse beach and the Samudra Beach. Heal your body & soul doing Yoga at the retreats like Beach & Lake Ayurvedic Resort, Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Resort.

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Marina Beach, Chennai

marina-beachMarina Beach is arguably one of the best beach destinations in South India. The mornings here are full of people doing yoga. Do your suryanamaskar to the actual sun at the Marina beach. It’s really inspiring to watch so many people practice their yoga here. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre at the Marina Beach is one of the best destination spas and yoga retreats in India.

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Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Juhu-Beach-MumbaiKnown to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India Juhu Beach has a peaceful atmosphere and scenic beauty as its unique features.  The sunset is a dream-like vision for anyone who visits the beach. Yoga Sessions at Juhu Beach are conducted by different groups.Try out the Nityam Yoga Centre & Yoga Shala for some awesome Yoga…

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RK Beach, Visakapatnam

rk-beachThe Rama Krishna Mission Beach is one of the most popular beach parks in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The cool ocean breeze, the blue skies & the golden sands weave their magic on you as you walk on the beach sands. The beach is a perfect setting for doing Yoga. Just lie down and de-stress your mind and feel the calmness seep in. Bay Leaf - Ayurveda Spa & Resort is one Yoga destination not to be missed here.

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Palolem Beach, Goa


Palolem-Beach-GoaPalolem Beach is the most idyllic beach in Goa surrounded by a thick forest of coconut palms.  This is a unique opportunity to experience Yoga in untouched and idyllic surroundings far away from city lights. Bhakti Kutir, Trimurti Yoga Goa Retreat, Lotus Yoga Retreat , Bamboo Yoga Retreat etc. are the reputed Yoga centres in Palolem  Beach.

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Fort Kochi

fort-kochiCome and practice yoga at a silent beach in the countryside of Kerala. Nestled amidst coconut trees, green bushes and softly lashing seawaters, the Fort Kochi beach happens to be the favorite haunt of one and all. Veda Wellness Ayurveda Spa and Yoga Center, Elephant Pass Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, Sanatana Yoga Vidyapeetam, Sree Yoga Darshan etc. are few of the Yoga retreats you can check out…

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Now that you have a run-down on the beaches for Yoga which helps you to re-establish contact with your true-self and nature just start planning your Yoga holiday…

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Sunu Phililp is the Inbound Marketing and Creative Head for Paradise Holidays, Cochin - a Kerala based tour operator. She loves reading, exploring new places and trying out new cuisines!


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