The Throat Chakra - The Chakra of Truth

We all have that sense inside of what is the truth for us. Our life is an expression of this truth we feel, and the liberty we feel in expressing it. The fifth chakra is about communicating your truth to yourself, allowing you to feel what is your truth, and accepting the truth of those around you.

Vishuddha - Blue wheel of communication

The Vishuddha chakra, also named the Throat Chakra, is located in the neck area, but the ears and shoulder are connected to his chakra as well. This chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras, and governs our communication and authentic voice. It helps us to find our truth in life, and to speak our truth. The color of this chakra is blue, and it's represented by a lotus flower with 16 petals. The word Vishuddha in Sanskrit means pure, and its element is Akasha, connection.

When our Vishuddha chakra is balanced, it's easy for us to find and express our authentic voice. We have no fear of speaking our thoughts and feelings, and we can accept our truth easily. We can listen to others and give them the space to speak their truth. This chakra also encourages us to find the universal truth, to go beyond what we have learned and been conditioned to think through our culture and family background, and connect to a higher truth.

We express ourselves in many ways in our daily lives. We may be drawn to artistic expression, but also our daily career choice and the activities we do are an expression of our true self. A person with a balanced Vishuddha chakra is creative and free to follow their own truth.

Imbalances in the Throat Chakra

This chakra can be imbalanced or blocked due to negative feelings, such as guilt or shame. When the throat chakra is not in balance, we find it hard to express ourselves, or to truly listen to others. On the other hand, it may be hard for us to express ourselves or to create a life that is fulfilling for us.

Overactive Throat chakra

When the throat chakra is overactive, one may have traits of arrogance towards others, one may talk too much and forget to listen to others. A person with overactive throat chakra may be very critical with others, lie and become manipulative. It may be hard to allow others to speak or to accept opinions that are different from theirs.

Deficient Throat chakra

On the other hand, a person with a deficient throat chakra finds it hard to express their truth to themselves, and to others. It's difficult to speak up, to find their voice and to be definite in their goals in life. A person with a weakened throat chakra can appear very indefinite, as if unable to make decisions.

On the physical level the imbalances in this chakra can cause thyroid problems, issues in the neck and shoulders, pain in the jaw or problems in the ears.

Balancing your Vishuddha chakra

Pay attention to the 'lump in your throat', as this is often an indication of emotions trying to get out. When we block emotions, they are often stored in the body. Whether this is in the hips, or in the throat, upper body or shoulders, a good way of releasing emotions from your body is to slowly bring them to light.

Singing is a great way to balance your throat chakra, and practice expressing your voice. If you're not so sure about singing, then hum or add some chanting or AUM's in your private yoga practice. Anything that gets you using your unique, beautiful voice. For practice, close your ears and hum softly, truly listening to yourself from within. How does your voice sound within you, how does your body vibrate with your voice?

You can also express yourself on paper, and keep a journal or just write down your thoughts and feelings. This will help in expressing your true self, and will support your artistic expression as well.

You can meditate on blue color, and imagine a beautiful blue light in your throat supporting everything you say. Take some deep breaths and feel the air flowing in through the throat, and out, letting it purify and unblock the throat chakra.

In the next article we will explore yoga poses which are helpful for balancing the Throat chakra.

How is your inner voice?

Take a look at your life, and think whether it fully expresses the true YOU, and the calling you feel inside. What is your purpose, and do you dare to let it out? When we recognize our truth and express it to the world, we are getting ready for further spiritual development. The truth will set you free.

To strengthen the Vishuddha chakra, remind yourself daily:

I have the right to speak my truth. I love to share my experiences and wisdom. I am at peace.


Image Credit: Michael Parvin