The Third Eye Chakra - The Chakra of Intuition

We all have an inner guidance that some feel more strongly than others. It's relating to our spirit, to our deepest essence and to information we receive from the universe around us. The sixth chakra is about connecting with the intuitive guidance to feel our essence in life.

Ajna - Purple lotus of intuition

The sixth chakra, the Brow Chakra is located on the centre of the brain, behind the centre of the forehead. It is also called as the Third Eye chakra, namely due to its intuitive, all-seeing qualities. This chakra sees both the inner and the outer world, and acts more as an observer. It helps us to understand what we see, and to act with justice and compassion.

Ajna means to perceive, and through this chakra we can imagine and act through intuition and truly see with our soul what is around us. The element of this chakra is light, and it will help us to see the larger picture. We move away from the ego and gain insights into our own behavior so we can eliminate patterns that are harmful to us and our true path in life. We interpret our lives and other people quite quickly, and if we get too stuck on these interpretations or expectations of what should happen, we stop seeing things the way they really are.

This chakra is symbolized by a purple and dark blue lotus flower with two petals. Since it's linked with our intuition, it allows us to receive clear thoughts and spiritual self reflections. It supports our inner wisdom and essentially connects us to the Source. When the Ajna chakra is balanced we can see clearly and feel the purpose of our lives. We feel a guidance and we feel secure in the flow of life.

Imbalances in the Third Eye chakra

If the Ajna chakra is too strong and leading, a person can have difficulty concentrating, they can live too much in the fantasy world and miss what is around them. If the chakra is weak, there is little connection with the intuition and the inner guidance. A balance Anja chakra makes an individual insightful, able to visualize and imagine.

Overactive sixth chakra

When the Third Eye chakra is overactive, one can have strong psychic visions and information, which can make you lose your sense of the physical world, and the sense of being grounded. If the chakra is too strong, one might be scared of the visions that are coming, feel overwhelmed and even delusional.

Deficient sixth chakra

When one is more analytical and trying to figure life out just by analyzing, it can mean the sixth chakra is weak. Not understanding the spiritual side of life, one tends to worry and imagine the worst case scenarios. When the Ajna chakra is weak, one finds it difficult to feel any guidance from within, which can lead to lack of direction in life.

On a physical level the Brow chakra is connected with the sinuses, eyes and ears. An imbalanced Sixth chakra can cause headaches, sinus infections and issues with the eyes.

Balancing your Third Eye chakra

Try to find the difference of looking at the world through your own personality, and through your soul. See how things change when we look through your soul? This allows us to really see and feel and to get beyond the illusions of the conditioning and the physical world.

Take some time to get playful and open. When we get too serious in life, we may dampen the intuition and the guidance from the soul. So try to give the analytical mind its time and place, and as a balancing activity try to do something where you can remain creative and open. Creative hobbies are great for this!

Alternate nostril breathing can also be useful when trying to balance the two hemispheres in the brain. It will calm the mind and bring you back to the present moment. Start by closing the right nostril with your right hand's thumb, and breathing in through the left nostril. Block the left nostril with your right hand's ring finger, and breathe out from the right nostril. Breathe in again through the right nostril, block the right and exhale through the left.

Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Reiki are also helpful in developing this chakra, restoring the balance back and getting us more receptive to the higher messages of intuition.

How is your intuitive guidance?

Do you feel connected to something beyond yourself? Do you feel it's easy for you to tap into your inner guidance and feel what your soul wants out of your life? Or if you are very intuitive, are you feeling grounded?

To strengthen the intuitive Third eye chakra, remind yourself daily:

I am in touch with my inner wisdom. I know that all is well in my world. I nurture my spirit every day.


Feature image credit: Mermaid Yoga