The Secret of the Perfect Yoga Outfit

  When practicing yoga, getting your yoga outfit right is just as important as getting your asanas correct! So, here we are trying to help you pick up the perfect yoga outfit for a productive yoga session. The best yoga outfits are those which let you forget all about them and there is nothing better than organic yoga clothing for this. The whole purpose of having separate yoga clothing for your practice is so that you can meditate without having to tug at your clothes every two minutes!

For those of you who think that the perfect pair of yoga clothes is not so important; try doing some upside down or sideway moves and see how imperfect clothing falls off you or all over you! Yoga enthusiasts out there already know that it is different from any other workout practice and we love and recommend banana clothing. It is comfortable, makes you feel confident, gracious and beautiful. Believe me, try it out and see the difference for yourself!

While we are at it, we also realize how it’s even more important for women to have the perfect clothing for yoga. Firstly, you need to make sure to get clothes that are comfortable and give you coverage. We stress on the importance of coverage because tugging at your clothes is not exactly the best thing to do while practicing yoga. Yoga clothes in stretchable material should work well but take care to avoid anything too loose with a plunging neckline. It is smart to pick up clothes with an inbuilt yoga bra within the yoga top for that much needed support.

As far as yoga pants are considered, pick up the ones with an elastic waist in natural fibers like organic cotton, banana or bamboo in light earthy colours. And, while picking up your yoga pants, make sure they are not loose and are perfect for your body shape. Going for Capri style pants is a great option because shorts can bunch up at your waist during upside down positions and become uncomfortable.

Finally, for those who need to run from the yoga class to office, we understand your plight but there is a solution for you too! Yoga pants can double up as business casual office wear quite easily these days! Especially when they can easily pass off as leggings. It is easy to keep your yoga pants discreet - make the transition easily by wearing them with tunics. Just be careful and pick your yoga pants in thicker fabrics like tweeds or knits in stretchable material for the best fit and look. We don’t need to tell you that accessorizing your look will definitely enhance the tunic legging look at office.

The prime objective of wearing appropriate clothes for your yoga is so that you can forget all about it and concentrate on what’s most important - the practice. So whatever you choose, ensure that it does not affect your postures and in fact, enhances them. So, happy yoga hours to all the yoga practitioners out there!

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Author Bio:

Tom Gartside - Founder, Creative Director of Carrot, Banana & Peach

Our legendary name and authentic yoga clothes and have inspired many people, yogis and athletes on and off the mat to stretch out, get fit and remain healthy in an eco-friendly world. Since we began in 1999 all our products have been crafted from natural based materials. We have pioneered our own blended formulas of bamboo, modal and organic cotton fabrics to provide performance or leisure benefits, which have gained the support of a world strong yoga community in the UK, Asia, Europe and parts of America as people have valued and changed from synthetic based products to renewable and natural based products.


Image: carrot banana & peach