The 2015 Yoga Gift Guide

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 9.12.25 AM It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone goes crazy for Black Friday deals and you get stressed trying to find the perfect gifts for your yogi friends. Well, it’s also that time of year when Yoga Travel Tree releases the annual Gift Guide, jam-packed with awesome deals on yoga gear for the zen-friend who has it all. The best part is that our deals are good through January 1st, so no need to ruin all your good vibes on a single shopping day. Enjoy your family and friends this Thanksgiving weekend and shop from your couch, without a crowd.

Why do we do this? We want you to enjoy your holidays and have a little less stress during this sometimes maddening time of year. We’ve worked to get you some sweet deals from 16 sweet companies with similar missions and ideals to those of Yoga Travel Tree. Featured products are sustainably made, many companies donate to charities when you make a purchase, and everything is high quality and built to last, so your hard-earned money is well spent.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Gift Guide,


The Yoga Travel Tree Team


Finding ZEN

Finding Zen

1 & 2 Grizzy Love has been a staple in the Instagram Yoga Scene for years now, and it’s easy to see why. Her styles are unique, flattering to every body-type (including guys!!) and are a sure-fire hit with the yogi on your mind. Pictured above are the OM Dotwork Mandala Hot Short, and the Chakras Unisex Tank. With their meditative designs, they’re sure to help focus your thoughts and calm your mind. Use the code BLESSED for 15% off your entire order.

3 & 4 Yvwi Yoga offers high-quality, hand-made upon order yoga and meditation props and apparel. They’ve partnered with several organizations that help those in need, and a percentage of their profits is donated. The Eye Pillow above is filled with both organic flax seed and organic lavender, perfect for meditation in savasana.  The Bolster is the perfect height and support for seated meditation or breathwork, helping to keep the spine long and the lungs open. Use the code Holiday20 and recieve 20% your entire purchase.

5. Hot Chakras Yoga is an apparel and accessories company born and raised in San Francisco. All items are made by hand, and the high quality of the products is a statement to the time and love that go into the creation of each piece. The Mala beads above have 108 faceted agate beads, which slowly bring out inner strength, self-acceptance and self-confidence, perfect for morning meditation sessions. Use the code YOGATT for $10 off Mala Beads, shorts, leggings, capris and bras.



Starter Kit1. Fractal 9 is another instagram yoga staple. They sponsor challenges left and right, making them one of the most widely worn yoga pants in the insta-scene, and for good reason! Their bright colors and unique patterns make them the perfect addition to any yoga-wardrobe, and the fabric is lightweight and moisture wicking for the hottest of hot yogas. This year, this wonder-brand released a plus-size collection that focuses on the idea that yoga is for every body, and any practitioner should feel comfortable, confident and classy while in any pose. Receive 15% off your order by using the code GIFT15 at checkout.

2. Infinity Strap has been making waves in the yoga community lately with their unique and extremely useful yoga straps. Unlike traditional straps, there’s no extra material to get tangled up with while you’re in an already challenging posture. Our personal favorite is the Infinity Strap Stretch, which is made of heavy-duty elastic with just enough stretch to still feel stable, but let you access poses where a little extra wiggle room might be needed, perfect for newbies! Use the code TREE20 and receive 20% off your next order.  

3. Every yogi needs a yoga mat, and the Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Eco Yoga Mat is perfect for any yogi! It’s sticky texture, and lightweight design make it great for all yogis, from just beginning to advanced. Plus, it’s two-toned reversibility gives it just a pinch of sass, but doesn’t draw a ton of attention to your mat, or your poses. Hugger Mugger donates a percentage of your purchase to various charities, currently, they’re supporting The Family Place, a charity helping to build strong families with healthy children.

4. Mat bags are super useful for getting your gear to and from your yoga class and essential for keeping organized on the move. Good Marvin is a small team of yoga loving sewing masters who create beautiful and unique bags for yoga mats out of Pennsylvania. With many different styles, colors and patterns, every yogi is guaranteed to find the perfect mat bag. The bag pictured above is one of a kind, so don’t wait!  Use the code YOGATT20 for 20% off your order.

5. Devi Deva Yoga Blocks are made with love in Canada by a couple Canadian yogis and from local wood. Each piece is hand-printed, and ecologically created to give you an awesome yoga experience. Blocks are screened with a variety of designs, the block pictured above features Ganesha, the remover of obstacles. Practitioners new to yoga will love the feel of stability gained from a wooden block, as well as the ability to access more challenging postures. Use code loveyogalove for 10% off and a surprise gift with every order.


WORLD Travel

World Travel

1. Buddha Pants are the only yoga pants that pack into their pockets, making them perfect for backpacking, road trips and adventuring in general! Made from 100% organic cotton, these pants are soft, stay cool in heat, easy to care for, unisex, and come in tons of fun colors and patterns. The two styles pictured are the Savannah Winter, and Savana Flair. Use the code YogaTravelTree at checkout and recieve $20 off your order!

2. The Yoga Travel Tree Gift Card is the perfect gift for the travel-loving yogi in your life. With yoga retreats and teacher trainings all over the globe, a Yoga Travel Tree gift card is a great way to help your loved one see the world. Upcoming retreats include Thailand, India, Bali, Italy, Kilimanjaro and Peru! Gift cards are available in any amount, so give the gift of adventure this holiday season, and help someone have the experience of a lifetime!

3. An Audible Yoga Membership includes hundreds of yoga classes at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Audible Yoga is an online database of audio yoga classes, from different instructors, in styles from restorative to power. Classes can be done anywhere there’s room to unroll a mat, making this membership a great gift for travelers who love their yoga. Use the code YTT2016 for a discount on their one-year of unlimited yoga plan.

4. The YOGO Yoga Mat might be the best thing that happened to traveling yogis since Yoga Travel Tree… But really. The YOGO mat is super lightweight and foldable to about the size of a newspaper, so it takes up only a fraction of the space a traditional mat does. They’re also made with eco-friendly materials so your mat doesn’t ruin the planet that you love exploring. Bonus: for every Restoration series mat sold, YOGO plants one tree in Central America through their sustainability partner, Sustainable Harvest International. Use the code TRAVELTREE and get 15% off your order!



Mat to Street

1. Yoga isn't just for chicks anymore… Well, it never really was, but no one told the media that. Yoga for Men is a small but mighty company based out of St. Petersburg Florida that aims to help guys feel more comfortable on the mat. Everyone should be able to reap the benefits of yoga, men included. The Bhujang Style Cobra Yoga Pants (pictured above) have a relaxed fit and jean-like appearance, so you can seamlessly transition from the mat to a coffee shop or out on the town.

2. GrizzyLove makes men's clothing too, and it's just as stylin as the lady versions! Her materials are super soft, and with trendy styles like crop-tops and high-waisted shorts you can flow from the mat to the club with ease. Use code BLESSED at checkout and recieve 15% off your order.

3. Anything LVR is an amazing addition to your yoga-wardrobe. They use Eco-friendly organic materials and their process is just as earth friendly. The soft fabric of the Dip Dyed Organic Scarf will keep you warm from Savasana to wherever your feet might take you, and you’ll look oh so chic carrying your mat around town. Use the code YOGATRAVELTREE25 for 25% off your order.

4 & 5 If you're a regular follower of the Yoga Travel Tree Blog, you’ll know that we freaking love Onzie. They basically rock our socks right off. Their styles never cease to impress, and their latest line, the Electric Light Collection, features sweet new patterns that will look just as cute on your mat as they would with a pair of pumps. Above, the Triangle Bra and Motopant in Black Mesh are all the rage. Use the code TRAVELTREE20 for 20% off your order.



Yoga Badass

1. Sankalpa Yoga Mats are one part yoga mat, one part work of art, and two parts freaking awesome. These Eco-friendly mats are sure to inspire your downward facing dog, and help you find your inner calm. This isn't your run of the mill yoga mat company either. Each mat is designed by an individual artist to represent an individual yogi, making each design an actual piece of art. Best of all, every purchase of a mat supports the yoga community directly by benefiting both the yogi the mat represents, and the artist who created the design. How cool is that?! Use the code TravelTree25 for 25% off all products on the website.

2. LVR’s Fold Over Yoga Capris are definitely the next step in yoga pants. Far from the see-through synthetic counterparts, these organic gems out-perform and out-style the completion with far less of an impact on planet earth. They’re super soft, and sure to stay in place through the toughest of flows. Use the code YOGATRAVELTREE25 for 25% off your order.

3. Keeping the ladies in place while inverted is a challenge. Seriously, it can be harder than titibasana. Thankfully, Hot Chakras Yoga Tops are both cute, functional and flattering. Use the code YOGATT for 10$ off all bras, leggings, capris, shorts and mala beads.

4. Yoga for Men has done it again with their Bhujang Style Slim Yoga Pants. A far cry from the ‘meggings’ of late, these pants are high-functioning, without being constraining. They’re both flattering and comfortable. In these, you’ll be ready for a day on your mat, and a night on the town.

5. Good Marvin’s large style yoga bag is perfect for the seasoned yogi: it's big enough to fit all your props, and stylish enough to carry around town. With a ton of styles and patterns, every yogi can find the perfect mat bag from Good Mavin. Use the code YOGATT20 for 20% off your order.


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