Taking the Fear Out of Detoxing

Do you cringe when you hear the word detox or cleanse?


Does is make you think you are going to starve and be miserable?

Detoxing doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience, in fact, I believe in detoxing in a delicious and natural way while still getting all the amazing benefits of clear skin, weight loss, increased energy, feeling sexy and immunity boost, just to name a few.

16 years ago, when I did my first detox I was scared of the idea because I thought it would mean a huge sacrifice and a lot of discipline. At that time I had hit rock bottom and was tired of being a bloated and lethargic craving queen, so I did some research and discovered that I could heal and get my life and energy back in an empowering way. I cleansed using whole foods and guess what happened? I became energetic, got back my sexy and was inspired by life once again.

Now I detox to stay healthy and to take my yoga practice to the next level of strength, flexibility and equanimity.


Busting the myth

I’ve tried many detoxes over the years and while it’s true that there are many out there that involve starving, taking time off work and getting angry at the world, there is a way to detox that is not about feeling deprived, but about loving your body. Cleansing is essential for you health and wellbeing, so I am on a mission to inspire you to see detoxing as a fun and delicious approach to a healthy sexy body.


What Detoxing is Not

  • It’s not about being hungry
  • It’s not about craving all the things you are not “supposed to eat”
  • It’s not about being moody or getting angry at your husband
  • It’s not about sitting on the toilet for 12 hours
  • It’s not about getting horrible headaches

What Detoxing is

  • It’s about giving your body a rest
  • It’s about eating wholesome delicious foods
  • It’s about pampering yourself with simple body scrubs, massages and nourishing your skin
  • It’s about saying yes to yourself because you deserve it


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What you will Get from it

  • Lose weight by boosting your metabolism
  •  Wake up renewed and energized
  • Feel balanced and happy by making your hormones work for you
  • Getting back your sexy and feeling confident in your body
  • Showing off your youthful glow
  • An immunity boost
  • Getting rid of bloat and inflammation
  • Supple, healthy joints for a balanced yoga practice
  • A unique opportunity to discover the exact blueprint for your body’s optimum health


And so much more! So instead of shying away from that kale salad, take your first bite to success.


Have you ever detoxed or taken part in a cleanse? How did it go for you? Comment below!


Raquel Vasallo is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and founder of Infinite Oxygen. Her company’s mission is to guide women to love their bodies, live their dreams and to feel beautiful, sexy and peaceful inside and out. After working in New York for many years as an architect, a divorce and car accident were her wake up call to step into the life she had yearned for, but never had the courage to go for. She works with clients in Europe and the U.S. using intuitive coaching, nutrition, yoga and a pure loving heart to invite them to be fearless, liberate their spirit and enlighten their infinite potential. Check out her website for health tips and to sign up for her free newsletter at infiniteoxygencoaching.com.

Images via: Life Food Nutrition

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