Stuff We Love: Yogasana Yoga Mats

Based out of a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, Yogasana is a little company with a big mission: provide the world with eco-friendly, sustainable, travel-friendly, and durable yoga mats while preserving a centuries-old tradition in the deepest parts of India. Sound like a lot to take on? It is! And the team at Yoga Travel Tree backs up Yogasanas goals 100 percent. [wp_ad_camp_1] That said, our reviews are always honest, so you know what you’re getting into! Read on to see what our testers thought of Yogasana’s yoga mats.

These Mats are Unique.Yogasana Yoga Mat -

First off, Yogasana mats are unlike any we’ve seen before. While uniqueness doesn’t always mean the best experience, (Lady Gaga and the meat-dress, anyone?) in this case, it totally does. These mats are made from 100% cotton, by hand in India, by master weavers. The texture produced is both grippy and soft, offering stability and support in any pose. The more you use the mat, the better it gets. It break’s in with use, and unlike rubber mats, it doesn’t break down over time, stink, or come off on your hands.

The Most Sustainable Mat Probably Ever.

Along with being really freaking durable (these mats were designed to be used in the heat, sand, rocks, grass, sun, and more, and are guaranteed to last 15 years!) they have almost NO carbon footprint. Really, the only impact they have on the environment is the transportation used for shipping. Seriously, thats it.

These mats are made in the same way the first yoga mats were made, near Banaras and the birthplace of yoga. When they’re made, the sustainably harvested cotton is dyed with natural pigments, dried in the sun, woven by hand using looms that are free of electricity and with the same techniques weavers have been using for centuries. Did I mention how cool they are?

They Help Preserve a CultureYogasana Yoga Mat -

Yes, it’s a mat company, but Yogasana has a bigger goal: to preserve the dying art of weaving in India. The tradition of weaving dates back thousands of years, and for centuries it was an essential skill. These days, with the influx of mechanical processes and the overall development of the country, weaving in India is a tradition that’s fading at an exponential rate. Yogasana is trying to change that. By providing well-paying jobs for master weavers, and therefore demand for the training and honing of this skill, this little company is helping to make a difference in preserving one of the oldest traditions in India.

Ahimsa: Giving Back

One of our biggest values at Yoga Travel Tree is giving back to the communities who’ve touched our lives, and Yogasana shares this goal. Every time they sell a mat, a portion of the proceeds goes directly back to the children and families of the weavers who construct the mats. Learn more about the Yogasana Circle here.

Our Reviewers:

Sarah MonkSarah Monk is Awesome! -

Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout gear get’s put through the ringer.



Katelyn JohnsonKatelyn's a Badass! -

Katelyn’s Activities: Primary distance runner, secondary yogi, weightlifter, personal trainer, coach, and recreational athlete.  Katelyn’s workouts include running and weightlifting.  Anything outdoors is ideal.


Sarah’s Review

First Impression: When I took it out of the box I was really impressed with the texture and the weight of this thing. It’s heavy duty in a good way! The color was stunning. I got the Fire mat, and that’s just what it looked like.

I’m used to mats that don’t like to unroll, but this one was extremely pliable from the get-go. The texture is almost like a rug, so I had no idea what I was getting into as far as my yoga practice goes.

Something else that I thought was just so amazing, was that they included a card that said “Your mat was made by ____” and there was the signature, in probably hindi, of the weaver who hand-made the mat I held in my hands, all the way in Colorado.


Performance: Not knowing what to expect and having no expectations made trying out this mat an adventure. From my first vinyasa, I was in love. My hands tend to slip on yoga mats (even my expensive Manduka) and on this mat they were going nowhere! The textured surface was perfect for maintaining grip, and if I did feel a little bit of movement I took a hint from the website and dripped some water on the mat, which increased the grip-factor by like 9000%. Perfect for Bikram or hot yoga.

I’m a pretty boney person. My tailbone sometimes bugs me in savasana, and my hip bones usually bug me in bow pose. Not with this mat. While it’s not much thicker than a regular rubber yoga mat, somehow it has enough cushion that my normal pressure points aren’t a bother at all.

It’s oh-so versatile my friends. I received this mat the day before YTT went to Wanderlust Squaw Valley by car, and the team put this thing through the works! We practiced on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the beaches of Lake Tahoe, the grass and carpeted floors at the festival, and it held up like a champ! The best part is, there’s no fear of tearing, punctures, dirt (you just shake it out or toss it in the wash) or rough surfaces. We even used it as a beach towel at one point.

I used to be a Manduka junkie, but when my 1 1/2 year old, 90$ mat started coming off onto my hands and feet, I’ve been open to change. So far, Yogasana has my vote as the all-time best yoga mat ever.

Score: 10 (out of 10)


Katelyns’s Review

First Impression: I was impressed with the color and texture! Opening a new mat without the weird smell was a pleasant change from rubber mats and I was curious to see how the grip would compare.

I really appreciated the personal touch of the card with the Master weaver’s signature.  It was really cool to unroll the mat and realize one person hand wove this.


Performance:. This mat is perfect my friends! The grip was wonderful from the first down dog and comfortable in the last savasana.  I’m fairly tall and have a tendency to wind up on one edge of my mat or the other but the few extra inches you get with this Yogasana mat were exactly what I needed.

The durability was very impressive.  In just the few days at Wanderlust we used the mat in the grass, carpet, rocky beaches, sandy beaches and salt flats.  Unlike regular mats that would scratch or stain from that rough terrain this mat shakes out and is ready to go.  If you do get it dirty it’s machine washable and comes with a 15-year guarantee.

As soon as I got home from testing this mat at Wanderlust I got one of my own.  I was curious to see if it would slide on a wood studio floor and, of course, it passed the test and stayed put.

Score:  (10 out of 10)


There you have it fellow yogis! Buy with confidence that Yogasana will meet, and/or beat your expectations. To keep up with all of the latest news, visit the Yogasana official Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, and Instagram pages!


All images via: Yogasana