Stuff We Love: Nina.B.Roze Heart Butt Yoga Pants

Just in time for Valentines Day, we're bringing you a review of some especially love-filled yoga pants: the Heart Butt™ Capri by Nina.B.Roze. These pants have been around for a couple years now, and for good reason. They're durable, sexy, flattering and funky. A couple months ago I had the pleasure of interviewing the founder, designer and CEO of Nina.B.Roze, Nina Barenboym. As a special treat during this love-themed month, I felt it's the perfect time to release the interview to you, readers. So get a little peek at some of the forces behind Nina.B.Roze, and why we love the Heart Butt™ Capri like every day is Valentines.

The Interview

What was your driving passion behind creating Nina.B.Roze?

Since the age of seven, I always dreamed of having a lifestyle brand. In 2011 when heavily into fitness, gym, yoga/pilates, I noticed women were still working out in their old t-shirts, sheer leggings and then wearing these not so flattering outfits during their daily activities. What happened to being cute when you leave the house? An idea arose to create a fashion forward, unique and feminine collection for women on the go. A core collection of mix-n-match tops and bottoms that are perfect workouts and everyday.


Your clothes feature uniquely feminine aspects, but unlike many other clothing brands, they remain functional for fitness. What brought on this desire for the combination of fashion and function?

Fashion and fitness is a huge staple in our everyday lives. I wanted to create functional femininity for workouts. The signature design, the Heart Butt™ Legging is a great example of what the brand stands for. This favorite design and best seller is created to lift the booty and slim the body. With a technical circular pattern which enhances a beautiful heart shape around the asset, these leggings are flattering on every body type.


In your bio, it’s mentioned that the Victorian Era inspires many of your designs. What about this time period speaks to you?

There's something so elegant and regal about this period. I can spend hours looking at the details on a ruffled dress or corset and thinking how to modernize these details for the woman of today.


Does your time spent in Ukraine/Ukrainian heritage have any impact on your designs?

I believe so. As a young girl, my mom used to dress me in fashionable European outfits. I was her doll she dressed, so I as I got older I decided to dress the world.


You got your design start working for big companies like Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Target. What was it like deciding to leave them behind and start your own clothing company?

I worked for different design houses where we created product for these retailers. When it was the right time, I took a chance to start my own brand.


What was the biggest challenge you faced as a business owner, and what advice would you pass on to others who have interest in starting their own business?

One of the biggest challenges is that you have to be everywhere at once, especially in the beginning when you're growing your business. Everything needs your attention. My advice to others who are thinking of starting their own business is be smart, savvy and use the tools you have.


What is your favorite part of your creative process?

I love the design process. Creating a concept, playing with fabrics, trims and integrating this into illustrations/flats. I enjoy working with pattern-makers and seeing the garment come off the sewing machines for the first time. That's when the sketch becomes alive.


Where do you see Nina.B.Roze in 5-10 years?

I see Nina.B.Roze growing into an international lifestyle brand.


What are you doing to set yourself and your business apart from other clothing companies?

I believe in creating one-of-a-kind product that is not seen anywhere else. Also from design to production stage, we manufacture all product locally and ethically in Los Angeles.


What kind of impact would you most like for Nina.B.Roze to have on the world?

To inspire beauty, health and fitness. Our motto is "Sport Your Pretty" wherever you go. I want women to feel empowered to do anything they desire in their lives.


If you could do anything differently, would you?

Not at this point. Everything is where it needs to be.

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

I hope everyone is ready for the 2015 Collection :)


Our ReviewerSarah

Sarah Monk

Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer.


The Review

Heart Butt™ Capri

First Impression: The fabric is so soft and light, plus the colorStuff We Love: Nina.B.Roze Heart Butt Capri - is amazing. They have excellent seam construction, so no fear of rippage or splitting in the deepest of forward bends.

Fit: These make the booty pop! (which is saying something coming from my white-girl tushy) The seam that creates the heart shape is incredibly flattering, and the type of fabric does wonders for the legs. They fit exactly to size too, so a small actually fits correctly, and I'm sure all the other sizes are spot on as well.  The waistband rides exactly where low-rise jeans do, so you don't have to get used to a funky position.

Performance: These wick the sweat with the best of them, and the waistband stays in place so you don't have to awkwardly pull your pants up after every pose. In fact, these pants worked so well for vinyasa yoga that I felt comfortable doing an 8 mile run in them with no fear of chaffing, riding up, or riding down. The best part is they're so well made that I'm not afraid of tearing, pilling or distressing the fabric. Bonus: when I wear them I feel like a fashion model.

Score: 10 out of 10

Product images via Nina.B.Roze