Stuff We Love: Balini Active Sportswear

A Little Bit of Background

This little business was founded by a yogi, her instructor and their dream of finding a bra that worked well for more busty women. After her teacher met the love of her life on a business trip in Brazil, she gave her half of the company to her student, Ada Hung, making her the sole owner and designer of Balini Active Sportswear. [wp_ad_camp_1]

Balini Active Sportswear is actually the smallest company working with the same fabric supplier as Lululemon and Nike. Which means their products are made of the most advanced materials available, and crafted with the care larger companies just can't offer.

So Soft, So Smooth

Balini's selling point is both their designs (fab for curvy and twiggy ladies alike) and their fabrics. Made especially for yoga, LARU fabric is made to stretch, bend, twist and invert as much as you are. It wicks moisture, dries quickly, is softer than cotton and can stretch double the initial length, so your curves are flattered and not smushed!

Our Reviewers:

Sarah Monk


Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer. Visit her Instagram page to see gear in action!

The Review

Megan Mesh TankMegan Mesh Tank

First Impression: I'm in love with the color. If you're not a fan of bright things, go for the blue version because this baby is NEON!

In my own life, I generally avoid "babydoll" style clothing. I'm tall and curve-less, and this cut of top usually makes me look pregnant. I'm not pregnant, nor do I care to look pregnant, so I'm not so sure about this top...

Fit: Thankfully, I don't actually look pregnant in this thing! It's actually really cute, and it does wonders for the chest. I actually found that removing the cups helps keep things looking natural, because like the website says, they do add a half cup size.

Performance: Fantastic! I love how light the fabric is, and it wicks moisture like a boss. This top would be perfect for hot yoga, yin, anything that doesn't invert. The bottom of the top is loose (it does have a draw string) so maybe not so great for inversions. This this is so cute though, you can wear it from the street straight to the studio and turn heads in a good way.

Score: 10 out of 10

Miranda Bra

Miranda BraFirst Impression: A cute yoga bra that looks both supportive and feminine. Like I might actually be able to wear this, and only this, to my Bikram class.

 Fit: Alas, not for me. I'm not busty enough for this puppy! The cross chest action it has going on is probably great for larger chested women, but I don't have enough stuff to support and the top flap keeps gapping, which creates a dangerous probability of the dreaded nip-slip. It's looks cute though, and is totally wearable under other yoga tops.

Performance:  Potential flash-factor aside, this bra is extremely comfortable and the wicking fabric is really soft. If it fit my shape correctly I'm sure it would out perform 99% of other yoga bras out there.

Score: 6 out of 10

Yogini Slim Capri

Yogini Slim Capri

First Impression:  Purple yoga pants! The gathering at the waist and shins looks adorable, and I love the cut and contrast piping. I can already tell they'll make my butt look good!

Fit: Like a soft, soft glove! Initially I thought maybe they would be too small (I got size 4), but they stretch so well that all they do it hug the curves. The heather pattern hides any imperfections, and the seams create really flattering contours. They're more low-waisted than I'm used to, but surprisingly NO MUFFIN TOP! They also don't have a really thick waistband that you can see looming undershirt. Totally streamline.

Performance: Superb! It really almost feels like I'm not wearing pants. They're super breathable, lightweight, dry quickly, are really soft and move with me instead of against me. They really stay where you put them on your body, no rubbing, moving, or bunching! These would be great for hot yoga, vinyasa, ashtanga, or a movie marathon.

Score: 10 out of 10


There you have it fellow yogis! Buy with confidence that Balini Active Sportswear will meet, and/or beat your expectations. To keep up with all of their latest product releases, news, and fun stuff, visit Balini's official FacebookPinterest and Instagram pages!

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