Stuff We Love: Alo Yoga #BeAGoddess

In the last few years, Alo has transformed itself from a cheaper, less-trendy-more-hipster, version of Lululemon, to it's own powerhouse brand. Alo is becoming known for sassy and out of the box designs that can be worn from the street to the studio with ease. Based in Yogaland USA, (Los Angeles), this company has hit the big time and now frequents the lithe forms of Instayogis like Caitlin Turner (actually, I'm not sure if she owns any other pants), Laura Sykora, Kerri Verna, Kino MacGregor and more. While Alo's clothes are definitely cute and make us drool for want of them, #TeamYTT thought it was time to investigate their functionality and fit. Two reviewers, both yogis and active athletes, put a couple of Alo's styles to the test to help decide if these will be your next yoga pants.




Our Reviewers:unnamed-1

Alyssa Kuzins

Alyssa's Activities: She's a yogi at heart who especially loves heated Vinyasa yoga, being outside in the sunshine whenever possible (especially in Pittsburgh), and all around fitness. She has dabbled in yoga, Crossfit, HIIT, ballet barre, running, and weight lifting. She is going for her 200 hour YTT from January-June 2015. She expects comfort and quality from her athletic apparel in order to enhance her performance and confidence!





Sarah Monk

Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer.




Alyssa's Reviews:


Gem BraAlo yoga gem bra

First Impression: An intriguing color-block design that will flatter all body types. The mesh adds a little sexy factor, and the crisscross straps are beautiful to show off those toned backs!

Fit: The mentionable longer silhouette on the bralette provided for a comforting, supportive feel/fit; however, despite the sizing chart, I ordered a size too small. As a 34D cup size, I definitely could have used a medium, but was unsure due to the reference of a 34” bust size being a S (this happens a lot to me).

Performance: Aside from the slightly off sizing on my part, this bralette covers nicely with nothing slipping out during your practice. You feel supported and lifted, and it absorbs sweat nicely.

Score: 8.5/10


Goddess Leggings

Alo yoga goddess leggingFirst Impression: WOW! Loving the graceful and sexy look of these danceresque leggings. The bold colors and contrast are fantastic, and the stitching is excellent (yes, I notice the stitching on all of my yoga pants).

Fit: Perhaps a bit tight, but they are performance fabric, so it’s just something to get used to. The option to roll the pants down past the ankle feels and looks GREAT with the scrunch action on the calves too! The fabric definitely slims the inner and outer thighs, and it seriously lifts your booty! Even my boyfriend noticed! However; the only downside was that I did not feel like the slimming factor was the same around the tummy; it felt like it was cutting me off in the wrong spot causing a little spill over, and I would have preferred the band to come up a bit higher for maximum comfort and confidence.

Performance: They don’t budge once they’re on, so no fear of constantly pulling up your pants in down-dog or any other pose. They also wick sweat very nicely. No embarrassing sweat marks either!

 Score: 8.5/10


Sarahs's Reviews:


Gem BraAlo yoga gem bra

First Impression: I really like the color and the mix of materials! The colored patched are more meshy (bye bye boob sweat!) and the grey sections are a wicking, more supportive fabric.

Fit: The larger-than-normal band is awesome support wise, and isn't unflattering to the tummy by highlighting the smallest part of the waist. I'm a 32 B, got a size small and I definitely could've gone with an XS and been a little happier with the amount of support provided.

Performance: As I've noted before, I like a little more support for the gals than many other folks, and this bra, while freaking cute, just doesn't have the strength to get me through my workouts. Or my day to day life for that matter. Granted, it does say "Low Impact" right in the product description. If you like that almost-nude feeling of freedom, you'll love this bra. For me, I need more oomph!

Score: 6/10


Goddess LeggingsAlo yoga goddess legging

First Impression: The color I got is amazeballs! I love the pattern on the top half and the grey ribbed leg-warmer look for the bottom. The upper fabric was actually a lot thicker and sturdier than I was expecting, and the leg-warmer bits not so much. Overall, they look like a really solidly built pair of yoga pants.

Fit: A little bit tight in the waist, but the legs are totally perfect fit. I got a size small, and I'm pretty small, so you might consider sizing up if you want to avoid the dreaded mini-muffin top. I just watched Black Swan, and I'm instantly reminded of the long leg warmers the dancers wear, which makes me feel super graceful no matter how many times I fall out of side plank. I love the length of the pants, I'm tall for a small person (5'8") and often I get the high-water look with pants. These suckers wrap all the way around my heel and I LOVE it.

Performance: I totally understand now why the top half is sturdy and the leg-warmer bits are a little on the thin side: slippage and heat control. These pants stay put! No need to adjust mid yoga class, just keep on flowing. The thinness of the legs allows for more air to circulate, so it actually feels like your almost wearing shorts during a vigorous practice. The sweat wicking properties work like a charm, and I feel like a total badass ballerina whenever I #strikeapose.

Score: 9/10

Product Images via Alo