Stuff We Love: Onzie 2014 Fall Collection

The Yoga Travel Tree team has been working with Onzie to get our readers real-live feedback on they're awesome and stylin' products. They shipped us some of their favorite products from the Fall 2014 line, and we test drove them so you'll know what's what, and what's not!  [wp_ad_camp_1] 

Onzie products are always sustainable, durable, versatile and made in L.A. They're designed to keep you dry though the most intense spin class, stay put during all those crazy arm balances, and hang in there with you though every mile. The 2014 Fall Line features new colors, patterns, products and designs, that are sure to wow. Personally, I think this line is the best one yet, so get your glam on during that Ashtanga class!


At YTT, we like to keep it real. We’re not yogis who sugar coat our feedback, so what you read is what you can expect from these Onzie products!


Our Reviewer:

Sarah -

Sarah Monk


Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer.


The Reviews

X Back Fitness Bra Top

X Back Fitness Bra Top:

First Impression: Cute! It’s supposed to be Onzie’s higher-impact bra and the elastic definitely feels sturdier than some of their other styles.

Fit: Yep it’s sturdier! I can tell it’s going to keep the girls in line better than other bras. It’s tight, but not too tight, and the cross-back is adorable!

Performance: While it’ higher impact than other styles, this still isn’t a bra built for running. Yoga, spinning, pilates and lifting maybe, but for activities with a little more bounce I would leave this puppy in the drawer. It’s still got the awesome sweat-wicking power we love from Onzie products, which makes it ideal for heated yoga!

Score: 8 out of 10


Track Legging:

First Impression: These are so COOL! I love Track Legging:the contrasting colors.

Fit: Deyyy-um my butt looks good! Their contoured in the right places to flatter the booty, and the contrasting colors are places at just the right levels on the leg to create a flatteringly curvy illusion. They’re also long enough for my tall stature (5’8”) which is a huge bonus! No high-waters here!

Performance: So good! They stay in place, and the waistband is wide enough to keep all the junk in the trunk. They’re sweat wicking so you’ll have no second thoughts about going to any intensity/heat/style of class. And for your cross-sport yogis, they even stay put on runs! No chafing, sagging or adjusting to worry about!

Score: 10 out of 10


Graphic Legging:

FiGraphic Leggingrst Impression: The pattern. THE PATTERN. It’s awesome! The graphics are actually really detailed, and flattering where the images lay. The colors are unreal!

Fit: Like an extremely colorful glove! They hug what curves I have, flatter them, and are really comfy in the process of looking good! They’re also chic enough to help you look like you put a lot of work into looking fly, but you really didn’t. #winning

Performance: Unsurprisingly, these rocked my socks off. From the first down dog to the last handstand these puppies stayed put, wicked sweat and looked sick. In case you’re wondering, they don’t cause slippage in arm balances! They’re the perfect combo of breathability, wickability, functionality and high fashion.

Score: 10 out of 10



There you have it fellow yogis! Get your shop on this summer with confidence that the Onzie products you fall in love with, we love too! To keep up with all of their latest product releases, news, and fun stuff, visit the Onzie official FacebookPinterest and Instagram pages!

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