Stuff We Love: Nina.B.Roze Racer Stitch Sports Bra

First things first, here's a little bit of background on this fabulous company, and a couple reasons why we freaking love them.

Grass Roots

We're a small business, and we love when other small businesses hit the big time. Nina.B.Roze isn't just the name of the clothing company, but the name of the individual woman who started it. Nina Berenboym was interested in fashion at a very young age, and throughout her youth the passion bloomed. When she moved to LA as an adult, her passion for fitness steered her toward designing a line of athletic clothing, and she took the first steps on the road to starting her own company.

Inspired by victorian era clothing, lace, delicate lines and flattering silhouettes, Nina.B.Roze apparel is designed to keep you looking good during your toughest workout.

Karmically Friendly

All items in Nina's line are 100% made in LA using the most sustainable practices possible, so your karma wont take a hit. Another thing I really appreciate from this company is that they use models that are on the curvier side of the scale. They're still fit and attractive, but realistically fit, and not contorted into all kinds of crazy positions. Something that's refreshing to see from an athletic company.

The Holy Grail

Ever since we featured the Heat Butt Leggings on our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, Nina.B.Roze apparel has been on our want list.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that jeans are rarely (never, in my case) a part of our wardrobe, and Nina's yoga pants made an early impression on me as the holy grail of stretchy leggings. Some day, heart butt leggings, some day!

In the mean time, Nina sent us one of her other fantastic products to review: The Racer Stitch Sports Bra.

At YTT, we keep it real. We’re not yogis who sugar coat our feedback, so what you read is what you can expect from products we review!

Our Reviewers:

Sarah Monk


Sarah’s Activities: An all around athlete and cardioholic, Sarah’s workouts include swimming, spinning/cycling, running, yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and anything else that’s difficult. You can expect that her workout apparel get’s put through the ringer.

The Review

First Impression: To be completely honest, my first impression was that I was a little disappointed. Right out of the box, I thought "Hmm... a white bra. I wonder how long it will stay white." Lets get real: I'm really, really mean to my workout clothes. I had a white bra at one time, now it's a greyish, whiteish tie dye of colors that really shouldn't be mixed, so I had my doubts that the Racer Stitch Sports Bra could hold it's own. I did think the back was super cute though.

Fit: The doubts that the color induced we totally squashed as soon as I put this sucker on. Holy perfect fit! It's so rare for me to find a sports bra that I would feel comfortable enough running in (my high-impact activity of choice), and most of my sports bras are deemed "yoga bra only" from the first. Not this one. I feel totally strapped down and secure in the best way possible. It's high enough cut that I don't feel like a skank, but the back is so dainty I still feel like a woman. A woman who will kick that guys ass in a race.

Performance: Totally met the high expectation I had from the get-go. The first run I went on while wearing this bra was a hot, sweaty and fast 6 miler with no room for errors in wardrobe judgement. Luckily, I experienced ZERO rubbing, pinching, bouncing, or any other terrible "ing" you can think of. The Racer Stitch Sports Bra stuck with me and my tough workout, and I finished my run out strong like a lady should.

Along with passing the running test, this sports bra also passed the CrossFit test, the yoga test and the cycling test, keeping my girls on lockdown and absorbing an abhorrent amount of sweat throughout each workout. That mentioned, this crazy piece of clothing is still as white and stink-free as the day I pulled it out of the box!

Score: 10 out of 10 (I would give it 11 if there was a 11)

There you have it fellow yogis! Buy with confidence that Nina.B.Roze will meet, and/or beat your expectations. To keep up with all of their latest product releases, news, and fun stuff, visit the Nina.B.Roze official FacebookPinterest and Instagram pages!

All images via: Nina.B.Roze