6 Fool-Proof Ways to Spice Up How You Teach Yoga


We humans are egocentric. People want to apply everything we take in, into our lives. As teachers, speakers, coaches, and writers, we can do a lot to boost our credibility, increase engagement, increase levels of understanding.  


We all know that model of learning where by we learn by different modalities, such as visual, aural, kinesthetic, etc. There are many more ways for us to increase effectiveness in gaining understanding and credibility from our audience.


To Increase Understanding:



Stories help us use the powerful imagery of the brain. When we dream, our physiology and nervous system cannot tell the difference between reality and our created mental imagery.  From our perspective, it is REAL! Stories do the same to our psyche.  Stories take us to new worlds. Check out Joseph Campbell's work with the Power of Myth, and how stories shape our beliefs and world around us.



Studies and Statistics can help us pier into the laboratory, with the lab coats and test subjects hooked up to brain scanners.  Similar to story, studies can be rich in imagery. Alternatively, statistics give us hard-scientific-method evidence to a thought, and we are more willing to bring it into our lives.  For instance, Marci Shamioff and her research team found that we have 60,000 thoughts a day. Of those 60,000 thoughts, 95% of those were the same thought loops we had from the day before.  80% of those thoughts were negative. True Fact



Our brains work by associating old processed memories or clusters of neurons, with new inputs into our brains form a cluster of neurons that fire when the old memories are triggered.  How can we apply this?  But telling people, “This new idea I'm explaining to you, is like this common place thing you see everyday, in this way”


A great example of this is:

Let's look at the meta and microscopic views of you. In your bloodstream, there is a constant battle between all of your blood cells and bacteria, etc.  But on the whole, that's what makes you perfect and whole.  It lets you function on the higher level.  


It's all in the level or horizon we look at something that it takes on meaning.



What do you think when you hear the names of the world's greatest thinkers. Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Confucius. You think credibility.  If your idea can be backed up by great thinkers, do it.



Props are fun, and keep us visually stimulated, and can help cement things by bringing another sense, to mentally stimulate us.


Journaling questions

Bring it all home, journaling questions allow us to check in, and apply a concept to our life immediately.  This makes any idea practical and actionable. It takes us from abstract woo-woo, and allows you to concrete an idea into your life.


What one thing, that if you started doing today, would have the greatest positive impact on your life?

What one thing, that if you stopped doing it today, would have the greatest positive impact on your life?


Don't listen to me on this stuff. I can only speak to my experience of listening of thousands of hours and hundreds speakers for my job. Try it for yourself, and let me know if it works, or if you have other valuable insights to great speeches. Has any of it worked for you in the past? What are some other ways you can enhance how you teach yoga?


Matt Cooke (500RYT) Yoga Teacher, Success Coach, and Author, writing for MyYogaOnline, MindBodyGreen, has been coaching clients from all over the world towards Optimal Living; doubling their strength, flexibility, income, and confidence. To upgrade your practice on and off the mat, you can take classes with Matt, or at his website